Swift Corleon: a gritty Carolinian hip hop style

Swift Corleon comes at his listeners with a very erosive, gritty instrumentally harsh style. Buss Em exposes the artist s whole anger against his opponents. The merciless vocals, the knife alike violin background, the beats in the background will enlighten the stomp em out song. Swift corleon leaves no place for prankstas, period.
Explanin starts like a rapid gig. Swift Corleon s song is written in a definite hustling style.
Crowned featuring Deuce has a contrasting keyboard background made of light and darker sounds. Both artists voices totally fit with the dark atmosphere of the song that is rich of the offensive spiritthat makes an emcee s character.
Dats A Party Featuring Semi is a party song. Swift Corleon and his partner in crime, Semi, are determined to make some dead presidents.
Appreciate Swift Corleon s specific style here.
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