Cynical 3000: a certified banger representing Texas

Of definite Southern inspiration, Cynical 3000 is a Texan emcee who manages to communicate his enthusiasm to the crowd.
Where I kick It At is based on keyboards and violin sounds. The quite monotonous musical background totally contrasts with cynical 3000 s conqueror spirit. Cynical 3000 brings this Dirty South spirit with him and is ready to erase his enemies with this banger track.
Rapid piano sounds and violins will create an over offensive atmosphere during which Cynical 3000 will offer a good demonstration of his lyrical skills. In his song, the emcee questions faith in a very gritty manner.
Rock Me allows the listener to appreciate his softer side. This song has a much more commercial dimension than the preceding ones. Cynical 3000, however, has a nice flow delivery.
Cynical 3000 s main qualities are certainly his confident spirit and the will never to let it go. This emcee is here to stay so remember the name.
All the tracks exposed on his my space account are taken out of his Loose Cannon album.
Discover Cynical 3000 here.
Some of his tracks are unavailable at the moment. However I ‘d advice you to have a look at the gifted Texan rapper.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
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