Joseapher: a Californian hip hop style of his own

With his dreadlocks that reinforce his cool rasta looks, Joseapher is repping North Valledjo, California. Joseapher develops his craft by combining different musical styles. His astute use of electronic instrumentals with rhythmic claps and a harsh instrumental background will allow the listener to appreciate the artist s craft. His verbal encription is enlightened by a confident flow delivery.
I m Always Stunting combines the qualities mentioned above and is rich of a good dose of humor.
Repetitive, cadenced flute sounds totally match with Joseapher s sarcastic humor. Joseapher intentionally targets the many bling bling rappers in the game. Everybody might look like a rapper, but very few actually deserve the title.
What They Talking ‘ Bout is beautifully rhythmic. Drumbeats, keyboards, dark electric guitar mixed up with light flute sounds will allow the listener to fully enjoy Joseapher s verbal dexterity.
Come into Joseapher s world. Discover more about him here.
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