Let's get real and political with Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique is certainly not your average emcee. Witty and rough worded in his lyrics, Immortal Technique doesn t speak out to please mainstream rap labels nor greedy politicians. The NYC emcee, who is a living underground legend, tells you things the way you are, no matter if you like it or not.
His message is a clear rebellion against a corporate America lead by a bunch of greedy, professional liar politicians.
CIA Murder Me RMx exposes facts in their nudity. With his gritty voice, Immortal Technique stands up against the American government s lies who is trying to blind the great mass of citizens. Massive lies come to light. A heavy instrumental background made of rhythmic drum beats and keyboard sounds leaves place for a lyrical rebellion. Instruments and lyrical mastery courageously reveals how much the average citizen is the victim of political and religious manipulations. Flashback to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, light on Bible stories, light on terrorism and bad political moves: you can t escape from Immortal Technique s clear vision of facts.
Caught In The Hustle starts with light guitar and violins notes mixed up with keyboards and drum beats. The astute wordsmith Immortal Technique actually is will introduce you into his revolutionary world.
Watch Out..who you fucking with is already an underground classic. The harsh musical background that enlightens Immortal Technique s raspy voice progressively reveals Immortal Technique s truth. Prophetic, harsh in his words, very lucid about the contemporary mainstream music industry, the clever emcee is the voice of the hood and of the underpriviledged of the Third World.
Pay attention to him: he has a consistent message for our contemporary society. His witty mind gives an objective analysis of our contemporary world.
Don t sleep on the talented emcee. Check him here.
Copyright 2007 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved