J Period and Nas/ The Best Of Nas/ CD review

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Despite the fact he is a lyrical genius that made impression on his public at the early age of 14, Nas is probably one of the most overlooked mainstream artists. Usually people who don t like the brilliant artist are those who attach less importance to well constructed lyrics and who don t value his astute use of the instrumentals.
Nas is probably one of the few contemporary mainstream emcees who kept true to the roots of hip hop. His best of will allow you to appreciate or maybe to discover the incredible artist Nasir Jones actually is.
Nas is the magician who manages to make syllables collide and match together in a streetwise manner. There is always a subtle touch of Nas biggest influences that is noticeable with the astute use of his instrumentals. Not only by naming them, but also by remembering them on his musical background, Nas never forgets to pay tribute to great legends such as Ray Charles. The richness of his music is highly pleasurable for the attentive ear. The more you listen to him, the more you realize how much of a genius Nas actually is.
J Period and Nas will take you back to 1991 with an explosive freestyle that is enhanced with some intense scratch sounds. It will allow you to appreciate Nas astute way of handling words. Let him choke vowels and mix them up together in an incredible word cascade.
Made You Look is the first single out of Nas God s Son album. It is a brilliant demonstration of literacy and keeps the flame for real hip hop alive. How is Nas going to make them fake gangstas look? Probably like a slave on the page of his rhyme book . The intensity of the track is fully enhanced with the vocals and gunshots in the background.
Nas Is Like is one of hip hop s greatest jewels in which the gifted artist fully masters his lyrical dexterity. The classic is taken out of Nas I Am album.
It inspired many artists, including local Detroit talent Royce da 5.9 who used it in his recent The Bar Exam mixtape.
Soft violins and scratches totally match with Nas beautiful street poetry.
Life s A Bitch is fulfilled with ghetto rage. Nas excels at his game. The soft instrumentals and rapid drum beats combination will suggest an overheated situation. Trumpet notes conclude the thriller alike track.
I also recommend you the Make The Music freestyle that is a beautiful example of a full mastery of rhyming and flow.
Street Dreams is another well handled song inspired by Eurythmics Sweet Dreams converted in a, rhythmic, ironic, street version.
Globally, The Best Of Nas CD contains a wide range of Nas classics in which the Street Disciple will teach you his street wise knowledge.
Curious to continue your exploration and to go deeper into the subject? Go for it…cop your CD with no hesitation!
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