Dear regular readers of my Eminem blog…

First of all thanks to you for coming and reading me!
I would like to make a little announcement:
Due to some personal happenings in my life and a busy schedule, the Eminem blog might take a little hiatus. Doesn’t mean that I will stop writing, though.
It just means that I will have less time to write, but be sure I will keep the passion alive, no matter what. The music and its interpretation through words will ALWAYS be part of my life. I might be posting less stuff for a little while, but please, keep reading me…I will always come up with some new stuff.
So no worries and no matter what: the Eminem blog will be kept updated regularly.
Your favorite writer (lol),

4 thoughts on “Dear regular readers of my Eminem blog…”

  1. Isa,
    Emailed you earlier…just been taking it easy, until i’m totally back on my feet. Hope all is well…please email me on your situation…we’re all thinking about you three… i wish you the best of luck, you are in our thoughts and prayers!

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