Papoose/ Internationally Known/ mixtape review

Rating of the product: 4 stars
Through the years, NYC emcee Papoose has built a solid reputation on his underground scene. He has worked with numerous mainstream and underground artists and made numerous mixtapes with DJ Kay Slay. People justifiably call him Underground King. Amazing lyrical wordsmith, Papoose will make you like his East Coast reps.
In The Victory 2007, Papoose questions his listeners: would you still support me if I retired tomorrow? Built on loud instrumentals such as trumpet, horns, bass, rhythmic drum beats and a subtle violin background, the song totally enlightens Papoose s amazing flow delivery and his brilliant lyrical skills.
Besides his verbal dexterity, Papoose manages to enhance the track with a positive and conqueror spirit. The skilled emcee is ready to take over the world and to rip off his enemies.
When The Shots Ring Out features mainstream artist Busta Rhyme is constructed on a fireworks background that will give the listener an idea of Papoose s offensive, lyrical assault. The author of Alphabetical Slaughter is indeed a verbal destroyer leave his enemies bleeding. Busta Rhymes follows, carrying the same spirit revealing a dangerous, killa track in which words do matter.
The DJ L.E.S produced Black Democrat track will revive the true spirit of hip hop. Feel the passion of a dedicated emcees.
What Makes Me Me: Piano and keyboard sounds will overwhelm your ears, flood them with a deluge of passionate words: that is actually what makes him the person he is: Papoose knows how to keep his passion alive. Flow, lyricism and a good, anticipated use of fitting instruments will define him as an undisputed king on the rap scene.
Gangstas In The Building carries the spirit of the hood. The trumpets background enhances the intense ghetto thriller. Papoose s way of story telling will keep you captivated.
Globally, the Internationally Known mixtape is rich of good collaborations, such as DJ Kay Slay and DJ L.E.S. The mixtape proudly represents NYC and offers the listener an astute use of words and instrumentals. Papoose has revealed his skills to the world: now it is up to you listener to crown him for his undeniable talent.
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