Don't Hate: a new styled D12/ King Gordy song/ song review

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Don’t hate them Detroit emcees, because they have the skills.
For years, I have been confronted with people, including huge Eminem fans, who totally denied the D12 emcees talent. How many times have I heard people put D12 down without even taking time to have a deeper look at the Detroit emcees.
Most of them D12 detractors have often spoken mostly out of ignorance or simply because Eminem s talent and fame seemed to totally outshine the notorious group.
I think that D12 are merely overlooked. I have been in depth with most of their common and solo work for several years and I can tell: the Detroit emcees do have talent. They are far from being your average emcees.

The song Don’t Hate is D12 s newest songs. It is rich of a brand new style and enriched of King Gordy s participation.
Detroit emcee King Gordy s specific touch will surround the song with a threatening, horror core environment that is so typical of his art. His raspy voice will enhance the listener s anguish and feelings of insecurity.
Welcome to the unsafe D Town, the Murder Capital.
The song starts with a cartoonish melody that slowly leaves place to a darker description. Electric guitar sounds, keyboard sounds and repetitive drum beats will open the curtains for King Gordy s nightmarish stage. His grittiness and self confidence are two determinant elements that totally enlighten the message of the song. A brand new song emerged, and don t expect to sound the same.
Bizarre will follow King Gordy s intervention and address directly to those who might question D12 s street credibility. He will also reintroduce you into his purple pills world and narrate his sentences and jail experiences.
Kuniva will follow, showing some lyrical cleverness and revealing the typical Detroit combative spirit. Despite the tragic loss of Proof, the group is determined to take over. Mr Porter, proudly representing Runyon Ave, will handle the battle with his lyrical weapons, assisted by D12 s bomber, Swifty Mc Vay.
The whole track is very much pleasurable for your ear.
So what’s the prognosis? The Natural Born Killers album, that is due to release on June the 19th, 2007, will probably be a banger. Be on the lookout for it!
And no, I’m not sad nor do I feel frustrated that Em did not participate to that track. To be honest, I didn t miss his presence on Don t Hate. The song was a pretty good example of a delightful combination of Detroit flavored talent that will allow the listener to appreciate the D12 emcees for themselves.
In conclusion, don t hate, congratulate!
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  1. great thanks for the update. good to hear that d12 can shine brightly with or without em on a track peace

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