So Many Tears…let Dresta Da Gangsta narrate you the hood of Compton

On his my space account, Compton s popular emcee Dresta allows his listeners to discover another taste of his music. The four songs you will be able to listen to are taken out of his Dirty West mixtape Volume 4.
So Many Tears is instrumentally well worked on: an intelligent combination of keyboard sounds and dope ass beats, interrupted by some refreshing harmonica sounds will create a favorable background for Dresta s stories straight out the Compton hood.
Let s enter into the hell of the hood where Dresta will tell us how he had to deal with his own demons, struggle for survival and see his buddies die in front of his eyes. Sometimes he felt like the prisoner of a mental jail. In an incessant quest for God s help, Dresta is longing for freedom and better living conditions. Those who have lived there know how it is to live in the hood. I recommend you Dresta s song that is so full of poignant truths.
Why Me starts is based on a beautiful Ruthless melody that would barely leave any hip hop lover indifferent. You will be able to discover Dresta s specific know how. The song, that starts with laughter, sarcastically targets one of those wankstas who are playing phony games.
Compton Dick is a filthy hood tale, built on a nice funky, Ruthless flavored background.
Talking That Shit starts in a rather symphonic way. The violin background and the rhythmic drum beats will soon lead you into a rather festive atmosphere adding some good West Coast sounds to the track. Talking That Shit proudly carries Eazy E s legacy.
Incredibly gifted, rich of a good flow delivery and a confident attitude, Dresta is one of those rhyming masters one could barely ignore.
Check him out here if you haven t yet.
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