Eminem, Kim to halt talk trash in front of daughter (Macomb Daily article)

Ex-wife can still bad-mouth rapper in public; ‘that’s up to her,’ lawyer says
By Jameson Cook
Macomb Daily Staff Writer
Kim Mathers appears Monday at a Friend of the Court hearing. Her lawyer pointed out that Eminem has a tattoo which “depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, ‘R.I.P., Kim, Rot in Pieces.'”
Eminem and Kim Mathers agreed Monday to refrain from talking trash about each other in front of their daughter, but did not agree to stop talking to the media.
Eminem, Marshall Mathers III, and his ex-wife agreed to a “parental cooperation” pact approved by a Friend of the Court referee and circuit court judge in which they vowed to stop making negative comments about each other in front of their 11-year-old daughter, Hailie.
But the order does not address the primary complaints by Eminem in a March 16 legal brief in which he accused his ex-wife of making “disparaging remarks” about him in the media.
Kim Mathers’ attorney, Michael J. Smith, said Monday afternoon after the hearing that the order does not address public comments, for which Mathers is “elated.”
“She has the right to speak her mind as long as she doesn’t make disparaging remarks about him in front of their child,” Smith said. “The judge never indicated the parties cannot speak to third parties about their lives. It’s a First Amendment issue, freedom of speech.”
He said Mathers “may” continue to make public comments.
“That’s up to her,” he said.
The order was announced at a hearing by referee David T. Elias and had been approved by Judge Antonio Viviano after the parties conducted a telephone conference behind closed doors earlier in the morning.
Mathers attended the hearing, only saying, “Thank-you your honor,” to Elias. She left without commenting.
Eminem’s attorney, Harvey Hauer, said shortly after the hearing: “We’re happy the court was able to bring a resolution. The most important thing to Marshall is Hailie.”
Hauer could not be reached late Monday afternoon for further comment.
Eminem and Mathers’ second divorce was finalized last December, about 11 months after they remarried in Rochester.
The 34-year-old rap superstar initially complained about Mathers putting him down in television, radio and print media about their relationship, complaining that her comments negatively affect their daughter and her view of her parents.
Mathers, 32, of Macomb Township, defended herself in a brief filed Friday, saying she was merely responding to years of remarks by Eminem, mostly through his song lyrics.
“After years of enduring plaintiff’s (Eminem’s) public derogatory statements both in his lyrics, during his performances and in the media, she decided it was time for the public to hear her side,” Smith says in the brief. “(Eminem) must forget the lyrics he wrote and the effect those lyrics have on the child.”
Smith points to two songs that include derogatory comments about Mathers, noting the song “Kim” is heard “millions of times a day” throughout the world.
In “Kim,” Eminem describes how he plans to murder a woman named Kim. Smith notes the “gruesome” nature of the lyrics, some of which are quoted in the brief.
Smith notes that Eminem performed the song, “Puke,” at a concert during his latest tour attended by Mathers and Hailie. Eminem refers to Mathers and says, “I hope you die,” Smith says.
Eminem also has a tattoo that “depicts a grave with a tombstone that reads, ‘R.I.P., Kim, Rot in Pieces.'”
“Did (Eminem) consider the effect such inflammatory statements would have on their minor child when he obtained this tattoo?” Smith says.
Smith says that while his client’s handful of derogatory remarks about Eminem have a “very short time span of survival,” Eminem’s songs “will live and breathe forever immortalized in his performances and greatest hits collections,” he says.
Smith argues that preventing Mathers from public comments “would be so subjective in nature” and a violation of her free-speech rights.
He said after the hearing the court order contains standardized wording that is commonly used in custody cases.
In Eminem’s brief, Hauer says that since the divorce was finalized, Mathers has appeared on “20/20 Lovers Revenge” on ABC-TV (Channel 7), WJBK-TV (Channel 2), on the “Mojo in the Morning” show WKQI-FM (95.5) and nationally televised “Dr. Keith Ablow Show,” seen locally on Channel 2, and has been quoted in “Star” and “People” magazines and in the Detroit Free Press and The Macomb Daily.
Hauer refers to Mathers comments such as that Eminem is “a horrible person who gets worse every day; b) has ‘nothing positive’ between him and the children; and c) is ‘slacking very much when it comes to the kids,'” Eminem’s brief says.
In their divorce settlement, the couple agreed to shared custody of their daughter. They also were married from 1999 to 2001, after meeting as teenagers in south Warren.
Mathers also has a younger child from another relationship and takes care of a niece about 13 years old.
Eminem rose to stardom via a number of best-selling CDs and a starring role in the hit 2002 film “8 Mile.” He has won nine Grammys, including best rap album for “The Slim Shady LP,” “The Marshall Mathers LP” and “The Eminem Show.” He won an Oscar for the song “Lose Yourself” from “8 Mile.”
N.B: this thread is going to be locked…I am fed up with the Hailie Jade posers posting on here. Get a life, people. And to the last idiot (mc kayla) to submit a comment (whose comment I deleted), I wanna put a few things clear: the Eminem blog is my place. I decide who is allowed to comment on here or not…so you shall shut up on here, not me.
If anybody poses as Eminem, Kim or Hailie or anybody related to Eminem, he’ll get DELETED! End of the story.

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  1. In some ways I can see where she’s coming from, by telling her side of the story, to get even or revenge for all the songs and how BAD he made her look in the public eye…and he did!
    But in the same since, not in the manner she’s doing it…she seemed very sincere on 20/20 and should have stopped there, but if she feels she needs to speak out…she needs to do it differently, not in degrading radio interviews…

  2. Well i think kim bullshits way to much i think that they both really need eachother its just EM has his life he has to keep up with he only wants whats best for his daughter and himself cuz ive bin there and i really know whats up

  3. hey guys i think dat kim was really wrong for doing wat she did but sometimes things happen and she could of done something to stop it or she could of never lied to eminem in the first place but eminem hailie and laney keep going forward and em keep those songs coming ur all awsome
    luv you
    bye bye

  4. I don’t speak English very good. Never mind… I just want to say that I support Em in everything. You are the best! People in Serbia love you very much.

  5. hey i just wanted 2 say that i think it’s great that Eminem is making Kim stop sayin mean stuff about him on the radio cuz if Hailie hears it Kim wont just be hurtin Em, but Hailie 2. Hailie could u type me back please

  6. hey eminem my name is luke well i say dont take this the worry way but u dont need kim u just need your microphone your music is great i love it so much and you have to come to tas… we all wish you would… well i have to go (end)bye bro

  7. hi everybody!
    first of all, I’m not very good at speaking english ’cause I’m Italian…
    anyway, I just want to say that I really like eminem and I’m really despleased for what is happening to him now….but I can say that I hope to see him in Italy, in Milan if it’s possible, as soon as possible…
    and I have a question…
    Hailie Jade Mathers….are you the real eminem’s daughter???????

  8. Something tells me that that person “Hailie Jade Mathers” isn’t HAILIE JADE MATHERS.. considering her father would end up suing this site if he saw it because he’s outie… but I love him anway.

  9. “Hailie Jade Mathers” whether she is who she sais she is or not can yuo imagen how she feels?
    I mean; everything thats happened to her and her family and then to top that the whole world knows!!!
    Anyway to the point i love Marshall but you’ve got to admit it the lyrics to his songs are pretty bad. Ezpecially about Kim.
    Kim had every right to say what she said on 20/20 but after that we got the point. Everyone knows what he’s like anyway so why did she have to say it so many times????
    XXOO If anyone wants to talk to me about it my MSN is

  10. i just imagine how hailie feels about her mother. she is never going to turn out like her. i like hailie and laney(1st aswell)
    but eminem still comes first

  11. marshall wants people to know how he feels and music is one way to let people know that and at the same time people like hearing stories about it so they listen to his music to find out what he is like and how he thinks of things.

  12. ok so i just logged on to check out the site and i listen to eminems music all the time! i love it!! and in one of his songs, mockingbird, he mentions a delaney or something close to that. is delaney or whatever his daughter?? or wats up? cause its weird that this girls name is delaney and is the exact same age as me. so there isnt any weird connection or anything there right?? cause that would be really weird. so can someone tell me if theres anything in common there. i know this proavly sounds totally riduculous but just takina a wack at it to see if this is real. so someone fil me in! please??

  13. stop posing as Hailie. You fakes know I can trace your IPs and report identity theft, right?!

  14. hey isabelle. that is the reall haile jade. she isn’t fake. i know that because i was over her house when she posted those messages. i am one of her friends personally.
    -isabelle grimes-

  15. Ok, how are you gonna fool me? with a pic? even a pic doesn’t prove anything. I HIGHLY doubt this could be Hailie.
    I also doubt her father or mother or family member would allow a 12 year old to post freely on a public website.
    This is bs. I am an adult Eminem fan, not one of those gullible teenagers. Go peddle your fairy tales elsewhere.
    If this goes on, I will block all those fake Hailie’s IPs. End of the story!

  16. its sad really the way tings go, bu al we can do is d best we can by our kids.
    the parents being talkd bout here need to take a step bac an cop d fec on, im a single mom an i wudnt do anyting 2 my kids dat cud damage them or their ability 2 av a normal happy life and relationship in d future.
    i dnt get on wid my ex at all, i often feel like crushin im 2, u av 2 av self control an know wen enuf is enuf,
    i do belive dat day both need dare **** kickd, an in d future im dam sure Hailie will do it.!
    an after all dat i guna say i really relate 2 a lota d songs an i can close my eyes an see memories of my past cum bac 2 haunt me, i can remember tings without gettin angry just lukn at it as life lessons. once u learn 2 do dat ull see wha life as 2 offer.
    wha i used was just a thought
    “sum1 out there is a lot worse off dan me”

  17. i think that eminem deserves more respect than kim does.. i havent heard of eminem cheating on her (unless you count the one time in the song ‘Kim’, that he mentioned cheating on her when they were teenagers..its diff when youre married and shit with kids to take care of).. but then she goes and cheats on him after theyre married, with kids @_@ …thats plain disrespect. he never did anything of that sort..cheating on her. i havent heard him talking abt no other woman in his life. the entire mariah thing ended quick too. hes only had kim. and this is the gorgeous em we’re talkin abt. he can get anyone… and what abt that comment that kim once let out about the pills he used when they ‘ya know’.. that was rude and uncalled for, be it true or not.
    and Isabelle… what pic are you talking abt?

  18. Eminem Rocks!
    And yeh, if she can bad mouth him in public that means he can write those songs about her and use whatever lyrics he wants. D you so right … she da bad one. Eminem has always been faithful, he’s been through so much and tried so hard to get them a life and money ( Thanks Dr Dre ) and she was all jealous and discouraging. Then she thinks she can try and sue him for the money she didn’t encourage him getting. Whats the go???
    Kim sucks! Em Rocks! D you cool! And Haillie Jade is so cute! hang in there girl, i bin through a parent breakup like you, dont worry your dad loves you, he will fight for you!!!

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