Why Kim Mathers should definitely move on…

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After a very short lasting second marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Marshall Mathers, better known to the world as Eminem, Kim Mathers decided to appear on air and to be the guest of different shows, in order to give her version of the facts.
One can say that Eminem and Kim have a long common history.
It goes back to their Lincoln High days, at the time both started dating.
Kim entered into Marshall s life as Debbie Mathers foster child at the age of 13, escaping from an alcoholics home and probably suffering abuse from her step dad. Her relationship with Marshall would soon turn into love. This love has nothing in common with the usual Hollywood glamour stories, but it could rather be described as stormy, volatile, and was marked by numerous on s and off s.
Christmas 1995 marked the birth of the couple s common child, Hailie Jade. Despite the joy of her presence, it didn t prevent the couple from many misunderstandings and wicked manipulations, mostly from Kim s side, if we check back into the available, unhidden details, I mean the details different media revealed us on the couple.
I remember watching an old video in which you could see Eminem, wearing glasses and flipping the bird numerous times. In fact, the footage I am talking about was an old footage, made just before the release of the Slim Shady EP, in 1998.
During a short time the young man was talking, and the subject matter was all about his baby s mama who wanted to forbid him to see his daughter.
There is nothing more hurtful for a dad not to be able to see his kid and I do believe that, in numerous occasions, Kim used Hailie as a weapon in order to get what she wanted. She also received a spectacular response through the 97 Bonnie And Clyde song, in which Eminem murders Kim and drops her dead body into the water with Hailie s help.
Eminem has probably swallowed a lot of pain and deceptions all over the years, but he found a way to overcome them through his music. Dissing Kim in a song was a powerful outlet for his rage. Eminem might have harmed Kim through his demeaning words, but one should also consider that unlike many (abusive) husbands, Marshall never laid a finger on Kim in real life. Debbie Mathers even testified it years ago. The same cannot be said about Kim, who was witnessed by Dan Carlisle aka Mc Hush and MC Rec (pictured as Cheddar Bob in 8 Mile) slapping Marshall in the kitchen during a violent argument, at Mc Rec s house, according to MC Hush s statements in Metro Times.
I am not saying that Kim didn t suffer from the public exposure she got through her ex husband s Cds. Of course she did and it must have been unbearable to be looked at as a monster by the media.
Considering Eminem s disses towards Kim from a writer s point of view, all I can say that writing and sharing with the world has always been an excellent outlet for my joys, emotions and pains. It has helped me to overcome many real life difficulties and always made me feel stronger, so I can fully understand the expression of Eminem s temporary rage feelings towards Kim s behavior through nasty lyrics.
Ok, those lyrics have harmed Kim and probably given her sleepless nights and depression days. Those lyrics did make her look bad in the public s eye.
We might not know Kim, but we don t know Marshall Mathers as a person either. Any reasonable person would agree with me that there is always a huge gap between the artistic character revealed through an artist s musical work and the artist himself as a private person.
That s also one good reason why one should always be cautious in judging or jumping to silly conclusions regarding his stormy relationship with his ex. We don t know shit, as Eminem stated it in his spicy Kim dedicated love ballad I Love You More that goes back to 2003.
He was so right about it. We seem to know through a few songs and a few media gossips, but the truth is that we ignore most intimate details of Em and Kim s very private story.
What really happens between closed doors is veiled to gossipers view.
( frankly, I am happy it is so; everybody deserves a privacy, even superstars)
But I digress…
Let s get back to the demeaning Kim songs:
On the one hand, they might have caused Kim some pain; on the other hand, the money and wealth that followed after Eminem s tremendous record sales have also helped Kim to live a better, comfortable life with her daughters.
Ok money doesn t buy you everything, nor can it sometimes compensate what an individual went through. But it also allows you to live a more comfortable and decent life with less material struggles, which is not insignificant, particularly when you have several kids to raise.
Eminem did the best he could to offer his daughter the life he could never have as a poor white kid from a dysfunctional background and it shouldn t be counted as nothing.
His recent actions in favor of peace within the couple, signing a Court agreement along with Kim, in which both parties agreed not to diss each other for the kids best interest, show his good will in stopping this useless public war.
Eminem and Kim went to Court on March the 26th and both signed the agreement named above.
What do we hear about next day? Kim prompts to criticize Eminem on Hot 97, which lead me to the following question: what does Kim really want? Publicity? Her ex back? More useless public arguments with Em? Or is she so desperate to reach the public s compassion?
When Kim first expressed on ABC, I respected the fact that she wanted to give the world her own version of the facts and to clear her bad image.
But her willingness to insist on filthy details regarding her former couple life on Mojo made me lose a lot of respect for her, honestly speaking.
Not even within a second did the thought of harming her own kids cross Kim s mind- kids who would probably have landed in a foster home if Eminem didn t take care of them when she went AWOL in 2003 because of her cocaine problems.
Kim might feel hurt in her feelings. Maybe she didn t expect her second marriage to end up so fast. But her kids shouldn t have to pay such a high price for a distasteful revenge will against her ex in any case.
That s one good reason why Kim should now move on.
She is a beautiful, young woman with lots of assets in her hand who could enjoy the good sides of life instead of being bitter. No matter if her plans for the future include Marshall or not, she should bury the bloody hatchet of domestic war and focus on life s brighter sides, for her kids and her own sake.
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24 thoughts on “Why Kim Mathers should definitely move on…”

  1. They have both had problems and done right and wrong, but I can understand Kim…she’s trying to get her point accross, what she went thought in the relationship…because he has always spoke out and she hasn’t…
    But in the same since I agree, she needs to do it differntly and move on!

  2. i have always read on this site that kim has been violent to em but does that mean she hit him across the face once or twice in differnet arguments as many women do or did she sit their and beat the crap out of him like many women AND men around the world who suffer domestic abuse. there is a differnce between slapping someone and beating someone up. wen mc hush and rec witness kim slapping em was he severly injured after or was it a slap across the face because it looks like ur trying to make kim look like the bad one there. i love both kim and em and i personaly think that if she was in it for the money then this wouldnt be the first time she has spoken out she would have done so the first time she end em divorced then all the time they were on and off again untill they remarried.

  3. Rabia, i haven t made that story up: MC Hush and MC Rec, who were two close friends of Em witnessed the scene and MC Hush stated it in Metro Times in 1999.
    As for the story with Champtown that Kim denies in her interview, there are great chances she might be lying…MC Hush also stated in the same interview that Em stopped any collaboration with Champtown because he wanted to go out with Kim…
    I am not trying to make anybody look good or bad…those are straight facts…

  4. Donna, i do consider speaking out and talking trash as two different things…her last interviews resemble more trash talk than anything else…she puts things at jr Watkin s level and i have zero respect for such attitudes…her recent interventions are full of bitterness, desire of revenge and won t solve anything…frankly her attitude is undefendable in my eyes…she should wash her dirty laundry privately…

  5. Isa,
    I don’t agree with her trash talking him or anyone for that matter…i was talking about her speaking out on what she went through and how she has felt in the relationship…she seemed very sincere on 20/20 and wanted to clear up her bad girl image…
    My point was to put yourself in her place as if you was married to him and walked in on him in bed with some ho… what would you do…the same as me kill him(lol)…
    But I agree, she went to far rating his size and performance in bed…

  6. I had no problem with her interview on ABC, but i think that the during the following interviews, she made herself look like a fool…her way of acting was immature…how could someone even take her seriously about her sex life…she bashes a man she has constantly come back with…
    to answer your question, Donna, if i pictured myself in her place, i d wash my dirty laundry privately, not on the radio…lol what happens inside of a bedroom is none of the world s business, whether it is good or bad…

  7. Isabelle i never meant that u made the story up or that mc rush and rec are lying i just meant wen they said they witnessed her slappin em was it a full on attack or was it just a slap across the face which was done out of anger .i didnt mean for it to come acros as if i were sayin u were lyin for that i am sorry. also i dont think she is trash takin him although i luv eminem i do think she has a right to express her side of things because we have only heard em side of things over the past years, after watchin the interviews i dont no why but i still cant take sides and u all might think im crazy but i want them to get back together. BTW who is champtown i have no idea.

  8. Rabia, i don t know how violent this slapping actually was…i wasn t there lol all i know is that the argument might have been quite violent…
    Kim has all rights to defend her points of view but saying that mentioning her ex “makes her vomit in her mouth” and talking about his penis size is totally distasteful…
    Champtown is an African American Detroit rapper…Em met him through a friend and has some collaborations with him that go back to 1992, like the Do Da Dippity video…MC Hush talked about an argument and misunderstanding that happened because of Champtown s behavior towards Kim…considering that Kim has been cheating a lot on Marshall, there might be some truth in the story…Kim s recent behavior is childish to me…what she is saying on hair has consequences…for the kids…

  9. isabelle i totally understand were ur views r coming from and i totaly respect them i just want to clarify that i dont think that its just kims actions that have consequences for the kids ems action have aswell. both alaina and hailie are at the age were music will start being a big part of their life i am 15 close to their age group so i no and eminem is their dad and also a great rapper so its no mistake to assume that they will be listening to his songs and if they do hear song such as “kim” and “bonnie & clyde” it will indeed have an effect on them aswell. i am not trying to say ur views and opinions are wrong or anything like that i just like to get ma point of view across so dont think of this as an argument. Anyway i just wondering if any of u now that in the mojo in the morning interview kim said she had a 4 year old a 7 year old an 11 year old and a soon to be 14 year old . i now about alaina hailie and whitney but who is the forth kid if any1 nows pls let me no thx.

  10. Kim has the custody of her twin sister ‘s boy along with her mother…this is the boy that is mentioned in the interview…

  11. yeah thx but wot i dont get is that if adam is alainas twin then how come he only ended up handicapped and why does he live with the fathers parents and not alaina that realy confuses me

  12. it looks like Adam was the only kid to suffer damage from his mom’s addiction…i have no explanation for that…
    at the time Dawn had both kids, Em and Kim were struggling financially, so taking one kid was enough of a burden for the young couple…Dawn being unable to take care of Adam, the boy returned to his dad’s home…

  13. ohhhh ok thx i no im askin a lot of questions but there situation just confuses me. btw wot about amy how old is she and does alaina and patrick see her

  14. I understand, it can be totally confusing…i don’t remember Amy s age and frankly i have no idea if the kids see her…

  15. I honestly think Kim is really silly for her outburst publically. Although she has the right to express her feelings, she went too far. I mean, did Eminem say anything about her performance in bed. Besides, she used to cheat on him so I dont understand how she could go out there and talk about his performance. She already has a tarnished image, she’s digging a deeper hole for herself. Most importantly, I don’t think she’s mentally sane considering the fact that she not once considers the children. The whole time she’s thinking about herself and no one ever seems to realize that even if she wants her feelings to be expressed publically, she has the obligation to her children first and no matter the pain and trial it might take, she must make sure those kids are not exposed to such information. Kim is a selfish character. Eminem, I love that man because he used his music as his outlet to release his emotions. The trouble he’s been through, he let it loose. Now he’s a better man and he’s made it big. Kim got her money now but I don’t think she will ever be as happy as Eminem because he has what he has always wanted: Hailey.

  16. Well, I think Hailie was well brought up for a rapper’s daughter, and Eminem’s career didn’t sky-rocket until a few years [3] after Hailie Jade was born, so the child didn’t always have a “near perfect” life as some describe it. Sure, I’m completely jealous of both Kim and Hailie Jade for having relations with Em, but they both have their own point of view… and I’m REALLY not sure anything of what I just said made sence…?

  17. Well, I think Hailie was well brought up for a rapper’s daughter, and Eminem’s career didn’t sky-rocket until a few years [3] after Hailie Jade was born, so the child didn’t always have a “near perfect” life as some describe it. Sure, I’m completely jealous of both Kim and Hailie Jade for having relations with Em, but they both have their own point of view… and I’m REALLY not sure anything of what I just said made sence… well anyway I hope Eminem, Kim, and Dawn work everything out for Hailie Jade, Whitney, Adam, Patrick and Alaina’s sake.

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