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I discovered E-Dro thanks to the UK magazine, The Hip Hop Connection. When I started reviewing his mixtape, I was impressed with E-Dro s skills. The DC artist has something consitent to say to his listeners regarding black folks condition, politics and much more…E-Dro kindly accepted this interview with me.
Discover more about him with the following interview!

1. What motivated you to become a rapper and when did you get started?
At an early age I loved music. I use to grab whatever I could find to use a mic and sing along with the lyrics on the radio. When I heard Run DMC, LL Cool J, Doug E Fresh, Fat Boys etc I loved it. I just knew I wanted to be a rapper.
2.Which artist influenced you most and why?
I would have to say that Tupac influenced me the most. His energy, style and character influenced me to push harder. I understood where he was coming from you know? I felt the good, bad and the ugly in his music.
3. In your song Black Man you are talking about the difficulties of the black community. As a mom of two bi racial kids I have been confronted with racism in my country too. Are there very strong racial tensions in the DC community at the moment?
I mean racism is and probably will always be around but to answer your question I would have to say yes. It’s not as in your face as in the past but black man live it everyday. From racial profiling to employment opportunities to affordable housing it’s all here. You know when you’ve reached the black side of town here. It goes from manicured lawns, no litter in the streets, the roads are smooth to trash everywhere, boarded up buildings, more police presence etc.
4. According to you, can hip hop help towards more fraternity between people?
Yes, Hip Hop has already bridged the gap for all races of people. It’s brought together the south and the north the east and the west. It’s Global. Hip hop is my generation and the generations after me voice in this world. We don’t stand up on Capital Hill voicing our views we do It in our lyrics. I think it reaches more people that way.
5.Tell me a little bit about your collaboration with DJ L.E.S…
That was really inspirational for me. I had the opportunity to work with someone who has been working with NAS. I grew up like damn those NAS tracks hot and here I am working with the same guy. Life’s crazy like that.
6.Nas recently ignited a huge debate, stating that hip hop was dead. What is your point about the current state of hip hop?
Hip Hop has changed. I feel where NAS is coming from. Don’t get me wrong there are some really good rappers today. But the game has changed. Back in the day rappers where in it for the long haul. It was more than just making a quick dollar or one hit wonder. That’s why today Ice Cube, Dr. Dre’ NAS, Scareface etc.still get major respect. A lot of performers today let the track do most of the work. The lyrics are not that great. But I do give respect to some of the artist today because they have that drive and want to be the best at what they do.
7.Which artists have you collaborated over the years?
There been so many. Known producers and artist are Chink Sanata, DJ LES, Ken Lewis. Video Director Gil Green, Upcoming artist and producers Phazed Out, Jett Black Fool “ The Real L.O.C”, Natalia, Melisa Duncan, Candice Will, B Love, Akir, Block Pounders, Dr. Mind Bender, Bob Smoke and so more. As for my current project I can’t release the details just yet still in talks.
8. How did you come up with the nickname E-Dro?
I use to go by the name Equipp and my brother O use to make fun of it. I decided to change it so I kept the E and at the time Dro was all I know and you can figure the rest..lol
9. What is the biggest challenge you had to face since you got started?
Capital has been a really major set back in my career. In this game it’s not enough to be a good rapper. If you don’t have the financial support backing you it’s almost impossible to become known. The second major issue was finding the right team, with the same direction as you. You can waste a lot of time if your not on the same page.
10.You collaborated with DJ L.E.S. Would you envision a collaboration with Nas?
HELL YEAH!! I love NAS’s flow. He be saying some real in his music. His Vocab is off chain. I just like him all around. He has never allowed the success to take him on a power trip at least in my eyes. Point blank I would love to have that opportunity.
11 Besides hip hop, what kind of music are you listening to?
I love R&B and of coarse the oldies. I really want to do a Rock N Roll track though. I love to challenge myself so any music for that matter I would be up to trying. I’ve already done a Opera track called “Katrina”. I’m just versatile you know?
12.If you could summarize your music and its message within a few words, how would you define it?
Original and Reality.
13.What inspires you to write your songs?
The tracks talk to me. They tell me what I should say. If there’s something going on in the news or my life that also influences the music I will create.
14. What is your preference: old school or new school rap?
I can’ t really give you one or the other. I like both. The old made the way for the new. I can sit back and listen to some NWA ,LL, KRS1 and still get hype. Or I can listen to some TI, Luda, Jeezy and get just as hype. In no way can I say one is better than the other just different times we living in.
Listen to E-Dro s music here.
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