A rose for deceased friend Kasey Jay of Pontiac, Michigan

In our modern world in which rudeness is a way of life for many uneducated people, many of you might say that internet relationships don t matter and that friendships don t exist on the computer…I don t agree.
When you talk to a person on the net, no matter if you are nice or not, you are talking to a REAL person. When you are hurting through disgraceful and rude words, you are actually hurting some real feelings.
I have developed, through the years, besides my real life friendships, some friendships through the net. I also had the chance to talk to several of them cyber friends on the phone. I was even lucky to meet a fellow blogger who travelled 350 kms to meet me.
Kasey Jay of Pontiac was one of those dear internet friends. We both shared a common dream of success in the hip hop business and i did anything to help promote Kasey Jay s Flosse Wear, the best I could.
Not only did we share our dreams and hopes, Kasey also had this genuine passion for rap music in common with me.
Like me, he knew what it meant to come from a hostile environment and to keep grinding, having been raised by a single mom in the ghetto. Kasey was one of those young entrepreneurs that is very much needed in America. He was a model of courage and hard work to me.
At only 28, he had to die. The circumstances of his death are still unclear.
Dear Kasey, thanks for being a friend and a confident for a little while. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me on the Detroit scene. You will always have a special place in my heart. I will never forget you.
I will bring a symbolical rose to you today made of scented thoughts that represent the respect and friendship i had for you.
Your friend always and ever,
More about Kasey Jay can be found on his my space account and on my personal website.
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12 thoughts on “A rose for deceased friend Kasey Jay of Pontiac, Michigan”

  1. Isa,
    Some of the best friendships are created online and i’m glad, cuz i would have never met you and aquired such a great friendship…
    I am very sorry for the loss of your friend Kasey…he was a great guy, with a bright future…he will be sadly missed…

  2. R.I.P Kasey Jay…you maybe gone, but not forgotten…you memory will live on in our hearts forever…

  3. I have some new details about my friend s death…he was found stabbed at his appartment in Auburn Hills, Mi…his jugular vein was cut…his brother found him last Friday and the police concludes to a suicide…that s a real weird situation…Kasey Jay was a positive person, i never heard any negative word in his mouth, his business began to become successful, he had a lot of projects in the making…i was supposed to promote him further, so why would such a guy commit suicide…i cannot believe that! i am convinced he was murdered… i will keep you updated…

  4. WOW !!!
    These are trying times… I hope my Detroit people start coming together instead of shifting further apart.
    my sympathies go out to his fam.

  5. that shit is so sad…i used to talk a lot to Kasey on my space and he wanted to associate me to his business…he was a real good person with a good spirit…i will miss him…
    it looks like there is a lot of hatred in the D…many talents, but much jealousy that spoils evth…that’s what i noticed from an outsider s eye…

  6. you are a amazing person to write all this about him .. i met him from myspace as well , kasey is a amazing person had so much ambition and was very talented in all he did .. he is and will always be in my heart RIP kasey jay you are one of a kind and will never be forgotton ..

  7. Kasey was good people. An a month later as close as my fiance an i was with him we just found out he is dead . It wasnt suppose to happen to him..he was so good with my little girl an so excited about the new baby. He was excited an honored that i asked him to be my girls godfather ..i just cant believe this has happened to an amazing talented you man like it ,it saddens me so much but ill never forget kaseys lasts words to me an ill forever hold them words close to my heart..i dont believe he could of done this to him self theres something not right about the whole thing. Kasey you are missed so much ..an you will never be forgotten..we love you buddy…Jenn ,Shaun & the girls

  8. Kasey was an extra special and very close friend of mine! I really fell in love with him, and he knew it since I’d often drive 11hrs from VA to Michigan just to spend quality time with him. Unfortunately, we had a disagreement and both of us being stubborn…we stopped talking for a few months. I began to really miss him and decided to swallow my pride and email him. At that time..I found out that 6mths prior…he’d lost his life. I also do not believe that he killed himself…as he was a very positive person, but then again…who knows why people commit suicide. I love him and he will forever be missed!!!!

  9. Although I never met him in person I know that he was not the suicidal type…I really doubt that he committed suicide…he had a real positive spirit…I’ll never forget you, Kasey:)

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