Sound The Alarm: let Detroit artists Black Milk and Guilty Simpson drop a bomb on you listener/ video review

Rating of the product: 4.5 stars
This is brand new and explosive. Before Black Milk steps on the scene, scratches sounds and a dark Detroit City background full of painted graffiti walls will take over.
Pump up the volume, turn it loud on.
Detroit is in the building. Open your ears wide up and listen to Black Milk, who comes up to you with a confident attitude, describing Detroit in its nudity, sending his bullets while his fellow Guilty Simpson comes into play.
Hip hop lovers will enjoy Black Milk s verbal fluency and his real nice flow delivery.
Every place in Detroit seems to be reminiscent of Proof, as a Dirty Harry club seems to prove it while Black Milk mentions the Yzark song.
Some Black Milk and Guilty Simpson drawing appear on the wall, as the atmosphere begins to get overheated. Sound the alarm, call for help, this shit is real!
You gotta love the rhythmic Guilty Simpson part too. An army of Detroit lyrical thugs owns the building, including Hex, who is pictured on a tree.
I liked the original video of two Detroit artists who show a total dedication to hip hop.
Watch the video here.
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