7 Mile P 2 Rock mixtape Volume 1 review/ a Butter Butter-G-Life Collaboration

Rating of the product: 4 stars
Detroit underground artists Butter Butter (not to confuse with notorious Detroit DJ Butter) and his partner in crime, the infamous G-Life will offer the listeners some interesting perspectives about the Detroit scene.
The mixtape features some real good Detroit talents such as Moe Dirdee of Woof Pac and Trick Trick.
The listeners will probably enjoy J O Neal s Clap Yo Hands. His particular, raw voice, combined with the bell sounds background, a good sense of rhythm, make the song highly enjoyable. Moreover, it proudly represents the 7 Mile spirit. I recommend you the song.
Face and Denny Flood totally shine on a good gangsta track that is sarcastically written. Dark bass lines contrast with soft, knife alike violin sounds and good vocal performances of both artists, introducing the listener into an outlaw background that is interrupted by some gun shots.
Good job. I liked it.
Moe Dirdee s freestyle will surround you with a dark musical background. Meet an army of ruthless soldiers during which Moe Dirdee excels at doing his lyrical thing.
D Wells introduces you into a quite festive ambiance with flute sounds and soft keyboard sounds. However it is just a wrong impression. U Don t Want Beef reveals a great dose of offensiveness. D Wells will bang you with his lyrical weapons!
Come smoke and drink with them. Smoke With Us is a well lead club song.
One could barely ignore Hydro s well handled freestyle. Astute wordplays and a good flow delivery will allow you to fully appreciate his track.
Trick Trick is featured on track 13 with one of his latest songs, Let It Fly. One should definitely give it a listen. With his particular know how, his rough voice and his OG spirit, Christian Mathis aka Trick Trick enhances the mixtape s gangsta flavor.
Globally, Butter Butter and G-Life have done a great effort on the mixtape. Inventive lyrics, rich sounds, a definite gangsta flavor, a combination of skilled artists and freestyling masters , all those elements make 7 Mile P 2 Rock highly enjoyable.
Interested in coping this mixtape? Go for it!
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  1. that shit is hot!!! i am telling u that now, Big up 2 FACE & DENNY WOODROW ALMIGHTY (SHOBOAT RIP)

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