Have you ever checked Mc Hammer's personal blog?

If you haven’t done it yet, it is really worth it.
You might wonder why I am talking about MC Hammer, being the huge Eminem fan I actually am. In fact, I have always had (and still have) great love and respect for Mc Hammer s music.
I discovered rap music in the early 90’s thanks to Mc Hammer s U Can t Touch This.
I don’t care if MC Hammer dissed Eminem in Full Blast. It won’t change the respect I have for this artist.
Back to my first thought, I would like to encourage my readers to check Mc Hammer s blog. Why?
Because of his wonderful spiritual vision of life. Check the post regarding his banana plants in particular. There is a spiritual wisdom contained in it and it will encourage you to go further, no matter how hard the circumstances of your life might look at the moment.
You go, Mc Hammer. Keep doing your thing:)
Check Mc Hammer s blog here.
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4 thoughts on “Have you ever checked Mc Hammer's personal blog?”

  1. if you never heard about MC Hammer, i doubt you ever heard about hip hop…what is hip hop? LMAO

  2. thanks…yes, he is indeed very talented…very different from all the gangsta rappers, but genuine in his style…i always liked this guy…

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