Discover Smoke Don outta Rochester, NYC

Fresh To Death is a very swinging Puerto Rican flavored song. Built on harpsichord notes combined with keyboard sounds and subtle violin notes in the background, the song is enhanced with Smoke Don’s nice flow delivery. Have a look at the nicely done club song.
Aiming At Your Face immediately introduces you into an unsafe gun talk atmosphere. The instrumentals will reinforce the scurrilous background of the song. Offensive soldier, Smoke Don keeps marching on, representing his city and his crew with pride.
So Predictable is rich of various sounds: piano, keyboards, soft vocals and scratches work together in order to draw the picture of a so predictable attitude of a rival. Smoke Don already anticipated on all his moves. The best way to know one s enemies and to prevent their attacks is a good sense of observation.
Forever Real is beautifully constructed on hammering sounds that strongly suggest an army of thugs marching on. Smoke Don stabs snitches intentionally on his tracks.
The game is all about being real: Smoke Don carries it with him through his music.
Check him out here.
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