Let Detroit artist Scitso take you for a gig

A good dose of confidence, a marvelous flow delivery, some soft female vocals in the background that are married with some good drum beats and keyboard sounds: Scitso invites you into his world. Are you ready to follow him? Follow Me is a well written track that reflects Scitso s enthusiasm for his art. I loved it.

Introduced by some rapid piano notes, The Greatest will lead you into a humorous but nevertheless passionate atmosphere during which the listener will understand what makes an artist: the struggle, the rough times, the personality, hard work and a strong minded spirit combined with talent and mastery.

The Crack House draws a very dramatic musical background built on gunshots and symphonic violin sounds. It points out a problem that is so typical to a sick society.

Did your appetite just increase for more Scitso music?

Check Scitso here.

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