DJ King David, king of the Detroit underground

Less known in the mainstream’s eye, Detroit DJ King David is nevertheless an interesting character on the Detroit scene. DJ King David has done a lot of mixtapes and collaborated with the greatest, including DJ Butter, The Streetlordz, Eminem and D12.
DJ King David fully represents the spirit of the streets of Detroit.
Schoolcraft And 6 Mile is built on harpsichord sounds, a track in which King David spits with force, telling the D the way it is. This song will make you discover the admirable fighter this artist actually is. DJ King David leaves no place for fakeness in the game.
Schoolcraft and 6 Mile is taken out of the Detroit Streets Volume VI.
Wanna Fuck You is an underground track I have been listening to for several years. The underground track, a song that is taken out of Strike s The Free World mixtape. It makes Eminem, Dina Rae , DJ King David and Strike shine. The luscious song is based on a rapid rhythm and has a good lyrical structure.
DJ King David truly deserves more attention from the public for his hard work. Check him out here.
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