Ticazie Wu: oriental taste, offensive attitude

Influenced by Wu Tang and rich of the teachings of Japanese philosophy, Ticazie Wu is a Mississipi artist who manages to give ab original taste to his music.
Warrior is based on some oriental sounds that are intelligently combined with a good flow delivery and some well thought, incisive lyrics. Ticazie Wu marches on, like a valuable soldier, ready to start a lyrical war that will exterminate the weak and the cowards on his way. I highly recommend you Warrior, because of its originality and the astute way the song is built.
Any hour has a softer, funky flavor. It exposes a more romantic side of the artist who dedicated the track to a lucky girlfriend.
911 is built on some catchy beats, dark bell sounds and female vocals in the background. You will probably enjoy Ticazie Wu ‘s unbeatable flow delivery that is very impressing.
Soft and rough elements contrast with each other and give the song its particular bitter-soft taste.
In My Nine, Ticazie Wu is on his run against the clock. Gunshots and paniced voices in the background will make the listener feel the unsafe atmosphere that is strongly suggested by lyrics and instrumentals.
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