Straight outta NYC, Die Young Records invite you for a musical ride…

Dead Presidents III is based on a soft melody that contrasts with the gunshots background.
As most of you would probably know, Dead Presidents is a US slang term for money. The track introduces you into the habitual and usual conflict an aspiring emcee goes through. You can hate money, dough, chips, dead prez or whatever you call it, you know you need the money to advance in the merciless rap game. Dead Presidents III is full of philosophical truth and lyrical depth. One should definitely give a listen to the rhythmic song.
State is built on melodic guitar sounds combined with some catchy drum breats. The song denounces the way the police acts in the hood. The song is lyrically inventive and full of a strog fighting spirit.
Exodus to Genesis introduces the listener into a confused universe in which instrumentals mix up, opening into the emcee s mental universe. You can lose your religion easily when your universe is collapsing. Issues can make your question your religious values and your faith. Feel the de profundis claim of desperation.
Video Gangsta targets fake thugs. It is beautifully handled instrumentally. I particularly enjoyed the piano and violin notes cascade combined with a strong verbal storm.
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