Killa Benz, a UK artist with a definite reggae flavor

Killa Benz hails from the Northwest of the UK. The way he puts his instrumentals together, his wonderful sense of rhythm combined with a warm voice make his art highly enjoyable. The listener will probably enjoy Killa Benz enthusiasm that is very communicative when you listen to his music. This artist will make you feel that it is possible to cheer up 24/7, because his music is very rich of a festive element. Jump An Twist is a well handled track that I recommend to all of you. Give it an attentive listen and don t forget to bring a positive and enthusiastic spirit with you!
Come On Over has a much more nostalgic taste. Based on soft instrumentals and vocals, the song slowly leads the listener into a chillout atmosphere during which the artist talks to his girlfriend.
Violins, piano and keyboard sounds mixed up with very soft female vocals will enhance the song s softness. Killa Benz manages to marry different musical genres with ease. Come On Over is rich of various flavors including reggae, soul, R’n’B.
I also appreciated the good mastery of Killa Benz’ beats.
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5 thoughts on “Killa Benz, a UK artist with a definite reggae flavor”

  1. Its true amazing talent the only thing you omitted from the excellently written review was that not only is KB’s voice “warm” it’s also sweet like hot melting molases aight… Leading the way, spiritually, lyrically, vocally and musically (always remembering that spiritually is the first and foremost with import). This man’s an inspirator, motivator and educator.

  2. Lorna,
    I appreciate your criticism…but you know…i did this review in less than 20 minutes, in a noisy and overcrowded public place…sorry about elements that are missing in the review…

  3. “excellently written review” – No criticism in there Isabelle; there are always gonna be elements missing such as what i added, as they are the opinions of others. What I stated was a reflection on my appreication of KB’s music alone not a reflection on your writing in any way.

  4. Ok i get it now…
    well i am never a 100% satisfied with my work anyway, so i will always feel like there are missing parts in one or another review…

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