Mc Ben Laden: outrageous name, detonating lyrics

This emcee s name might shock more than one listener, because of the destructive symbols it conveys. However, I do think that the English speaking world should pay attention to the gifted emcee s skills. Ironically mentioning the Al Kaira crew (kaira is a French slang term for racaille, which literally means scum), MC Ben Laden manages to create some astute wordplays.
Like a boxer in a ring, Mc Ben Laden will assassinate his opponents with his clever punchlines, ironizing about Nicolas Sarkozy whose name is pretty much hated in the French ghettos.
Mc Ben Laden represents the voice of the French youths. He proudly advocates their cause with a very unique, throat-cutting style.
Fils De Croise starts in a very hardcore style. Dark and strident instrumentals, Mc Ben Laden flows with ease, sending his eroding lyrics at his enemies face. The track is political on purpose. French speaking listeners will enjoy the way killa words hit politicians and hypocrites. I recommend you the well handled song.
Barbe A Beat is a very rhythmic track. Drum beats will totally match with Mc Ben Laden s dark voice who attacks society s comfortable people s stupidity.
Trop Tard is an offensive track that speaks in the name of the youth. It denounces our society s failures in a very witty way.
Le Maillon Faible: Money , money, I want money. I don t wanna be a failure in this society. Mc Ben Laden has some very insightful critics for the way French society works.
Discover Mc Ben Laden here.
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