5 thoughts on “Link to Kim Mathers' interview”

  1. I understand her issues. Nobody lives with the guy so no one gets it. OF COURSE throwing in the bedroom antics was low and I do not condone that. BUT it must drive one crazy hearing all these things about how EMINEM is SO grand and the truth is hes just not. Hes obviously a lackluster dad and puts his music with words that make people think that hes a grand man. THrow a person some cash and fame and then there true colours will come out. If the person is real and true to himself he will not change but if he does, then he has two faces and you do not want to be with someone like that. I know that if he lost all his fame and fortune hes the type of guy that would run back to her. He just goes where the money is. How sad.

  2. Rena, I would like to address your comment. Ho come you jump to conclusions about Eminem as a person? We absolutely don t know him as a person…
    Regarding Kim, it looks like she often went back to him at a time he was getting wealthy…you must also look at some facts regarding Kim…she manipulated her ex very often.
    Of couse I am not saying that Em is perfect, but if he really went where the money is, he would have dated more superstars instead of staying with Kim for years!
    I don t think he is all about the money…he has enough money.
    Maybe exposing his privacy to the extent he did was the big mistake…
    I don t think that Em and Kim’s story can be explained easily, but you gotta check their background before Em became famous. The environment they came from explains a lot.

  3. okay,I think you can’t say anything about anyones life,because one reason..it’s not your life!I understand Eminem is in the media because he’s a rapper,but that gives nobody the right to say he’s a good father or bad father.We are all human beings and make mistakes,Eminem and kims love life and life period is nobody’s business but there own and everyone should just butt out.I don’t jnderstand why people thrive on talking about other people,especially famous people,they are no different then we are except they have a ton of money,hey but so do doctors.All i’m saying is it’s there life.

  4. also,Isabelle,I agree with you one hundred percent,if we listen to everything all the media,it seems as if it was both kim and Eminem had faults.they have been together since Kim was 13 I don’t believe money is what keeps them together,it’s probably whats tearing them apart

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