Eminem fires back: I've moved on and Kim hasn't (Detroit Free Press)

Ex-wife Kim Mathers attacks Eminem in explosive radio interview
Adam Graham / The Detroit News
To hear Kim Mathers’ interview with “Mojo in the Morning,” go to http://www.channel955.com/cc-common/podcast.html
In an explosive interview with WKQI-FM’s (95.5) “Mojo in the Morning” show today, Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers flipped the tables on Em and cleaned out her closet live on the air for all to hear.
“I can’t stand him. He’s an absolutely horrible person, and he gets worse every day,” Mathers said. “I vomit in my mouth whenever I’m around him or I hear his name. There’s nothing left in me for him. Nothing at all.”
She categorized sex with her twice ex-husband as “bad,” and said “he’s not very well endowed.” She added, “If you’re going to have sex with Marshall, make sure you have a little blue pill, because otherwise it does not work.”
Mathers said Em text-messaged her on Thursday when he heard she was going to appear on the “Mojo in the Morning” show, and blasted her for going on the air.
“It’s a shame that I’ve moved on and Kim hasn’t,” Eminem said in a statement released Friday afternoon via his Interscope Records publicist, Dennis Dennehy. “Her ongoing press campaign is doing nothing but harm to the children, and for that I feel truly sorry. For their sake I wish she would stop.”
The two were first married in 1999 and divorced several years later. They remarried in January 2006 at Rochester’s Meadow Brook Hall, and Em filed for divorce in April of last year.
Mathers, who has long been the subject of the vitriolic ire in Eminem’s songs, said she viewed the interview as her chance to speak up in defense of herself.
Although Eminem entered rehab in summer 2005 for his addiction to sleeping medication, Mathers said he “never stopped his old lifestyle.” With regards to the music video for Em’s 2005 hit “When I’m Gone,” on which she said she and Hailie, her daughter with Eminem, were supposed to appear, she said, she “found some things on the video set that probably shouldn’t have been there, and that’s why we weren’t in the actual video.”
In continuing to put to rest the rumors of Mathers and Em’s reunion, she said she is “100 percent” sure she will never get back together with the rapper, and she would never date anybody famous again.
In addition to sexual and drug-related issues, Mathers said, “His relationship with the kids has (gone) downhill.” Besides Hailie, the couple also cares for Hailie’s cousin, Alaina.
“Since he left the house in February (2006), I don’t know what he’s doing. His visits are few and far between, and when he does come around, it’s nothing positive.” When he’s around the children, Mathers said, Em is “always yelling and complaining about something.” She said Hailie consistently asks, ” ‘Why’s dad acting so weird?’ That’s what they say every day.”
There are also issues with compassion. Mathers said after she attempted suicide after one of Em’s concerts in 2000, Eminem reacted by saying he hoped she didn’t expect him to miss any concerts because of the incident.
Mathers, who said she has thought about authoring a book about her time with Eminem, appears at 1 p.m. today on “The Dr. Keith Ablow Show” on WJBK-TV (Channel 2). However, she said the appearance — taped locally in December — was only a pre-interview, and she never knew it was going to air. “I never even met Dr. Keith Ablow,” she said.
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