T-Bro interview

1.) Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?
I was born in Newark New Jersey and raised in Fayetteville North Carolina.
My parents broke up when I was three. I grew up with my older sister and my dad.
2.) What or who motivated you to become a rapper?
The love of music. I’ve been into rap every since it first came out with the Sugar Hill Gang…
3.) Making it in the music business is a lot of hard work. What’s the biggest challenge you had to face?
Figuring out a way to get heard without becoming part of a clit or
paying aradio station Dj. The music industry is very crooked now days… so you haveto find your own ways to get heard.
4.) Which artist, were you most pleased to work with and why?
I haven’t worked with too many artists because I want to come out and show Ican make nice music on my own…I will do more collaborating on my secondalbum. I did enjoy working with Crouch and Keroin.
5.) What motivated you to collaborate?
They were talented rappers and I knew we would sound good together. Also they were soldiers like myself so we had something in common.
6.) Which accomplishment are you the most proud of?
Working hard enough to get my name buzzing enough to know that other popular rappers, professional athletes, and people from across the globe finally know who I am.
7.) Which artist haven’t you collaborated with yet, that you envision to work with in a close future and why?
Petey Pablo. Because he is the first rapper from my state to make it in the music industry. I want to work with him just to show my appreciation for him opening the door for artists from N.C.
8.) As a rapper, is there one rapper you pattern yourself after or do you have your own style?
No. I have my own style. Of course I have influences…but I sound like one rapper…T-Bro.
9.) Where do you see yourself in five years?
In five years (believe it or not) I see myself being a established rap artists in the hip hop world, with his own record label, a few artists that I’ve signed.
10.) What is your thoughts on the underground Hip Hop scene and where do you see it going in the near future?
I think the underground hip hop scene is better than the main stream. The artists are hungry so I think you can hear some of the best rap songs from underground artists and producers. I only think it will continue to get better because unsigned artists will always be the hungriest.
11.) What is your thoughts on today’s mainstream Hip Hop artists and where do you see them taking Hip Hop, in the near future?
Well I don’t condem every song I hear on the radio there is no doubt about that. I think hip hop is going in the wrong direction that’s why I am anxious to get my foot in the door so I can try to help turn this thing around.
12.) If you could thank one person, for helping get you where you aretoday…Who would it be and why?
I would have to thank my friend Demetreas. He has been there for me spiritually and emotionally. He’s helped me stay focus from day one.
13.) How much time daily, do you spend in the studio and what does an average day consist of?
Well I wish I could be in the studio everyday but that is not possible for me. If I had my own studio I’m sure I would. I write on a regular basis…but not everyday. I write when a topic comes to me. Once I come up with my hook…it’s a wrap!
14.) Being so busy, you rarely get free time. Tell me what you did the last time, you had free time to just hang out?
When I’m not writing a new song, I’m either promoting, performing, or making a new beat on the computer. Oh yeah, I recently went to a NBA game and sawmy Bobcats get smoked! Lol I’m a season ticket holder so I go to every game.
(We did sweep the L.A. Lakers and beat them in a triple over time game
though…so we aren’t that bad.)
15.) Do you ever struggle creating new idea’s?
NEVER. Creativity is my specialty. (did you check out my myspace page?
16.) Being a journalist, it was hard to have your talents reconized.
Have either of you ever experienced that and how?
Well not really. It has been hard to have them complimented at
times…but ifyou really have talent, (to me) it has to be recognized.
17.) If I had to describe myself, I would say…I’m a leader not a
follower.How would you best describe yourself?
You just described me for me lol. I’ve been a leader since I was in High school, my fathers business, the U.S. Army, and have never looked back since!
18.) If you could invite anyone to dinner tonight–dead or alive–who
wouldit be and why?
I would have to say 2pac. Not for the same reason a lot of others might would. I would invite him because I looked at him beyond his music andrealized this was a very deep intelligent man. Those are the type of people I like being around.
19.) Do you have any projects in the works, for 2007?
My debut album T-Browisdom Inner Truth will be released on May 3rd 2007. Ifyou want to hear something new and refreshing…some rap music that actually might get your full attention…GO GET THE ALBUM!
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