King Gordy, the Marilyn Manson of rap has a new mixtape out!

Let me give you a little foretaste of Van Dyke And Harper music. Ready for a ride with a king of horrorcore? Let s go!
King Gordy is certainly Detroit s shock value. Representing the Entity and all things people usually love to hate, King Gordy doesn t shy away from showing a harsh, scary image of a horny, devilish himself. Sensitive souls might not like him, but King Gordy is nevertheless a gifted emcee with a widespread imagination.
Hammering piano sounds combined with soft flute notes are interrupted by mighty drum beats. Welcome to the merciless world of drug dealers in which one can get killed in no time. King Gordy s sharp voice operates like a sharp lancet on an hospital operation table and will leave his victims lifeless. King Gordy will always manage to make his listener feel unsafe and his stories strangely recall a Franz Kafka universe.
Come With Me is King Gordy s personal invitation to come and visit the streets of Detroit City. Hardcore as hell, the music leads you into a quite loud atmosphere that is enhanced by trumpet and bass sounds. King Gordy fully masters flows and lyrics. Sex, drugs and pimping are part of the picture.
Getting Paid introduces you into a quite pessimistic atmosphere. It describes the harsh struggling atmosphere of an emcee trying to survive and to make it on the local scene. Scratches sounds, violins, flute and keyboard sounds undeline the fighting ambience of the song.
Howl At The Moon starts on light piano sounds that totally contrast with the electric guitar notes and King Gordy s rough voice. Be prepared for some real scary moments during which King Gordy mutates to a wearwolf.
Take a look at King Gordy here.
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