Introducing you to another ruthless OG: Dirty Red

I discovered Dirty Red because of his participation to a mixtape dedicated to legend RIP Eazy E. Dirty Red will probably enchant hardcore and old school hip hop lovers. I explored his my space and I decided to share my impressions about his music with you.
Ain t no luv is built on soft female vocals and a beautiful swinging funky bassline. Dirty red introduces you into his ghetto universe. Bass and electric guitar sounds combined together will give the listener a taste of blues. The song describes the life of a man who has no other choice that doing what he does and dealing with the lack of love. I particularly loved the bittersweet dimension of the song. A must hear!
Young And Ruthless starts in an offensive manner, opening on an electric guitar, and rhythmic drum beats musical background that fully underlines the outlaw theme of the song.
I recommend you the song. It is rough, dirty, ruthless and as hardcore as you can get. In short, a great piece of gangsta rap.
Westside Story has that typical LA atmosphere that will remind some of you of a filthy Snoop Dogg style. Derty Red did that song in collaboration with Compton legend DJ Yella.
Down To Tha Last Roach is a very cadenced song based on dark keyboards and crazy instrumentals. Flute notes , scratches, dark piano notes are intelligently married and totally fit with the lyrics that will introduce you into a dirty, crazy weed smoking atmosphere. Gangstas will take you to another dimension…be ready to get blind of smoke with the Ruthless family chilling on ruthless beats!
I really enjoyed Dirty Red s music. Don t sleep on this artist! Peep his my space here.
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