Royce speaks on Eminem, Proof, jail and new LP

Royce Da 5’9 recently spent some time in jail. Using the bid as fuel to his passion for music, he came out with a fury. Recently, he spoke out about the experience in jail and his relationships with Proof and Eminem, as well as the new projects he s got in store for 2007.
While jail is rarely something people enjoy, Royce found it did not deter him from his goals.
Things happen, and it didn’t set me back too far. Before I went in there, you had people that was saying I’m finished. And those same people will be jumping back on my dick as soon as I come out with something. That’s how muthafuckas is, and if you can get through that, then you can get through anything, he recently said in a XXL interview.
While in jail, Royce also had to grieve the loss of longtime friend (and former rival) Proof.
That was my nigga. Me and Proof were real good friends. Me going to his Grandmamma house every time I finished a song and us playing it. And I remember him pressing record on another Maxwell tape, wanting a copy as soon as I put mines in, before he even heard it. We was real cool. It was a relationship even before I met Em. It was solid with Proof. That was like 95, he explained.
According to Royce, none of this has helped bring him and former partner Eminem back to the Bad Meets Evil days.
We aiight. We just don t talk. There’s nothing really to talk about at this point. I think we both made our minds up on what it is, and that s it. Two people can agree to disagree and leave it at that. It don’t have to be a problem, he added.
With this behind him, he’s ready to unleash new albums and as he put it, artists should worry.
It’s gonna be the type of album to make all the artists worry when they hear it…Nobody can do what I can do. Just picture the mind frame Nas goes into making an album, the mind frame Jay goes into making an album, the mind frame Em goes into making an album, and put it all together, all elements off of all those albums. The diversity of what they’re best at doing, he added.
Currently, Royce is also working on a mixtape with DJ Premier and Statik Selektah. The mixtape will reportedly drop sometime in February or early March.

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  1. Isa it would be good if you could do an article on the whole beef scene between Eminem and Royce, that would be really interesting!
    Much love xxx

  2. I already expressed on the subject, back in 2004…please check my archives…
    royce is one of those Detroit artists i really respect, because he is skilled-regardless of the beef he had with D12 lol

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