The other face of Scarchild s work

Not only is Scarchild the author of a wonderful tribute to RIP Proof, Time Passes By, that I reviewed a while ago, he also has some other genuine and explosive songs on his my space. For those who don t know, Scarchild also collaborated with Bizarre on the crazy hilarious song Go Get Your Knife.
Rhythmic and repetitive drum beats combined with keyboard sounds introduce Scarchild s Xtra Xtra song. Scarchild flows with ease while spitting his venom at his haters. I recommend you the song.
You Know has some rough and nostalgic accents and is an obvious invitation for Scarchild s oppenents to lay low. With his knife alike words, Scarchild will stab his opponents. Be ready to walk into a very scurilous atmosphere. Scarchild s raspy voice contrasts with the festive violin gig.
Die Slow is built on various symphonic instrumentals. Be ready to get hit by a merciless emcee who is very much conscious of his lyrical skills. The song is truly a must hear.
Check out Scarchild here.
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