T-Bro, a Carolinian taste of hip hop

T-Bro is an emcee from north carolina who manages to combine his old school influences with a subtle new school taste. T-Bro probably resembles to nothing you heard already.
Ready to step into T-Bro s universe? Allright. Follow me…
Up We Go is built on electric guitar sounds combined with flute sounds and very rhythmic beats. T- Bro flows with confidence rapidly taking you into his crazy cadence and inviting you to dance on his swinging gig. Clap you hands and follow him on the dance floor.
Positive happiness feelings are flooding the listener like intense sunrays from sunny Carolina state. Don t sleep on this song!
Get Down also mixes dark electric guitar sounds with claps and flute sounds while you will get caught into T-Bro’s lyrical tornade. Spicy, sunny, the song smells the hot sand from the beach, the shine of an everlasting sun and the freshness of the water.
Carolina Takeoff is another very rhythmic track constructed on dark basslines, claps and T-Bro s incredibly good flow delivery. The song suggests the sadness of an imminent departure from the sunny state.
We ll Stay True starts in a symphonic way, mixing up flute, violin and keyboard sounds.
The song truly shows a hip hop dedicated spirit. It is beautifully rhythmic and will describe T-Bro s know how.
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