The revival of Compton City

If you think that Compton s reps have been buried with the split of NWA, a decade ago, then you are totally wrong.
A new breed of emcees is determined to keep Compton s legacy alive. The most surprising is that most of them are connected to the former Compton legends.
Ever heard about Hood Surgeon? Hood Surgeon aka Curtis Young is notorious Dr Dre s son who -obviously- inherited his father s great talent for the music.
After a few years break due to his imprisonment, Arlandis Hinton also known as BG Knocc Out, Eazy E s former fellow is ready for some new musical projects. So is his talented elder brother, Dresta.
Both men will probably enchant true hip hop lovers.
But who is the new prince of Compton? Nobody else but Eazy E s son, Lil Eazy who comes up with a brand new Prince Of Compton CD.
The same spirit of Compton that has been carried for years by young black men who had a real attitude is still alive.
Be ready for some new Compton delights. Be so curious and explore the talented artists named above!
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