Tha Dogg Pound/ Everybody/ song review

Rating of the product: 4 stars
Definitely gansgta in his spirit, coming up with some dangerously erosive material, Tha Dogg Pound combines crazy rhythms, various instrumentals and offensive lyrics in his Everybody song.
Swinging drum beats, violins, bell sounds will progressively lead you into an overheated speech atmosphere. Armed with a good dose of self confidence, Tha Dogg Pound already conquered his audience. His charismatic attitude has the power to move the crowd while his merciless attitude will leave some opponents banging.
As the song goes on, Tha Dogg Pound lyrically shoots his enemies down. You can touch his unbeatable flow and he wont let you take advantage on him. Acting like a lyrical bully, Tha Dogg Pound is kicking his enemies asses in no time.
An intelligent use of various instrumentals with a definite G funk old school flavor in the background probably won t leave the listeners indifferent.
Ready for a lyrical knocc out? I d recommend you to check out the song.
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  1. Hey Isa, I have just read in your
    “I have also written about a great variety of subjects such as black music, lifestyle, humanities, spirituality and politics.”
    Have you ever written sumthing about the signifying monkey and/ or the subversive effects of hiphop?
    Cuz Imma write about that in my studies, maybe you could give me furtehr informations.
    Could you post it here, cuz my email doesn’t wor at the moment?
    peace out
    p.s. can you post your answer in here, please

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