While 2007 is knocking at the door, let me make a wish!

2006 has gone very fast. One of the wishes I made last year has become true: I now do live in an English speaking country.
I still have several wishes I’d like to see fulfilled, but I think that this year, my priority goes to writing and music journalism.
I think that I’d be delighted if my genuine passion for the music could be rewarded with some good money.
I have good projects in the making and I will work hard towards my goals in order to achieve something concrete in this precise field.
Of course, I’d also be delighted if some other wishes came true. But I will let God decide what is good for me anyway.
My wishes for you all, dear readers, are wishes of health, prosperity and peace. May the threats of war and terrorism weaken in this world. May human beings realize in the end that they are all brothers. It might sound a little bit like an utopia, but I hope that men and women all over the world will give peace a better chance!
May God bless you all. Happy New Year 2007!
Copyright 2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “While 2007 is knocking at the door, let me make a wish!”

  1. Isa,
    I wish you the best in 2007…i hope all your dreams come true…hard work pays off and you’ve paid your dues…it’s your time to shine…i have a feeling 2007 is your year!

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