I’m back to henna-for good this time!

A while ago, I had written an article about the benefits of monoi oil for your hair and I’d like to confirm what I said: monoi oil is excellent for your hair and not as damaging as any chemical hair mask (I’d really like to warn all of you against chemical hair masks. While your hairdresser will always advice you to buy them, I can tell you that those masks do have very negative effects on your scalp PH and create an imbalance, which makes the scalp become real itchy after a while. Moreover, you take the huge risk of deshydrating your hair on a long term. Why? Because most of those masks contain cetearyl alcohol which dries hair awfully. I can tell, by experience, please believe me.)
I thought that everything was ok since I used monoi oil as a mask, because my hair really looked shinier and was much more manageable. However, since I moved to London, I noticed that I started losing big amounts of hair. Luckily, it wasn’t noticeable, because I have always had a huge mass of hair since my childhood. I was very worried. Each time after I applied my chemical dye, my hair became drier and drier again. My scalp was ichting as hell. I was had rashes on my scalp that drove me literally crazy. I was sure about one thing: I couldn’t go on like this. My hair looked horrible again and my scalp was suffering very much.
Like 6 years ago, I was using henna. I always had good results with henna. But it was bright red. It didn’t really fit with my skin and general appearance, so I decided to dye my hair blonde- and to leave henna which pleased my hairdresser very much.
Hairdressers will always try to badmouth henna, because it is cheaper than their own products and it coats hair ways better than any of their luxury products and treatments. I recently discovered through google search that chemical hair dyes can lead you to bladder cancers- and worst to collapse due to a bad allergic reaction.
I am not the kind of person who likes to put her health at high risk. I try to take care of myself the best I can. I really thought that my hair deserved better, so I decided to go back to henna. Not red henna, of course, but blonde henna.
When you’re used to dying your hair chemically, many people will warn you that you cannot go back to henna easily, which is partially true.
You must first ensure that your henna pasta is a 100% made of lawsonia inermis (organic henna plant or a mixture of lawsonia and indigo leaf for black henna).
Then you must make it sure that the product allows you to dye your hair directly when chemically dyed (those products exist, so don t worry).
Haidressers will try to scare you and to tell you that henna can cause severe allergies. Lies! Allergies to organic henna are very rare and don’t have major consequences on your health. Only henna that is mixed up with chemical products can cause SEVERE damage to your health, so please verify the composition of your henna product before buying it. Remember that many shops sell the product under the name henna when it isn’t pure henna.
Another thing to remember is that, before using your organic henna shade, you need to dye some of your hair that remained in your brush, in order to be totally sure of the final result! Don’t take any risk, because you might regret it.
I went back to henna since September. After three months of organic blonde henna treatment (I use the golden shade) , I will let you judge by yourself of the good results :

On a side note, if you want to detox your scalp, use some Indian Chikakai plant instead of your habitual shampoo. It actually works!
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