Merry Xmas everybody!

This post addresses to all of you readers. I wanted to send out some early Xmas wishes, since I might not be able to do it on Xmas day.
Xmas is the time for the presents, but always remember that the greatest gift you can make are those that really come from your profound heart. Xmas aim is to make people happy. So may people forget about the original meaning of the celebration and stress even more during this period- which shouldn t be the case.
Also, I would like to wish my son Marcus and Em s daughter Hailie a Happy Birthday.
May this occasion be a source of happiness for you both!
As for the New Year 2007, there are some good projects in the making. My personal wish is to get a financial deal as a music journalist with a magazine.
Thanks to all of you who have kept encouraging me and supporting me over the years. Thanks to Em for being a huge source of inspiration to me. Big thumbs up to Gavin Sheridan who is the first person who allowed me to have a voice in this world!
Cheers everyone, enjoy life to the fullest, no matter where you come from. One love!

3 thoughts on “Merry Xmas everybody!”

  1. Isa,
    Merry Christmas to you and your family…I also wish you the very best for the New Year…I have a feeling 2007 is going to be “our” year…
    May 2007 bring all your wildest dreams come true…I only wish you the best, peace and happinesss…
    I feel blessed to have your friendship….
    Much lOve,

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