Bankrupt Europeans, a raw and rhythmic dimension of British hip hop

Bankrupt Europeans is a British hip hop group composed of Snafu, Fraser and Signor Cloy.
If you ever doubted that British hip hop can sound real good, I d strongly advice you to listen to Bankrupt Europeans. The gifted artists introduce you into a swinging world in which flow, instrumentals and lyrics do matter.
Chill Rob will allow the listener to fully appreciate the rhythmic drum beats and keyboards sound combination. Get caught into a lyrical tornado while the artists raw voice leads you into an explosive rhyming world. His flow is unstoppable and the instrumentals add to the overheated atmopshere. I highly recommend you Chill Rob. the track is truly a must hear for true hip hop heads!
Omniscence Amazing starts slowly on a softer note. The lyrics have nevertheless a murderous dimension. Scratches sounds suggest a great dose of offensiveness that are totally confrimed by the lyrical bullets that won t miss their target. Feel the struggle of an artist and the passion for the music.
OC remix is based on dark instrumentals that fully fit into the somber atmosphere. Words get surgical and target enemies and posers in the rap game. I enjoyed the lyrical dimension of the song. Well done.
Telemarketing Turned Prank Call has a more comical dimension. I didn t feel this track that much. However, I will give some credit to the artists for the instrumentals, I definitely liked the trumpets in the background.
Discover Bankrupt Europeans here.
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