DMX/ The Great Depression/ album review

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How many people in this world buy hip hop Cds? Probably millions.
How many people wear urban clothes and attend to hip hop parties? Probably millions too.
How many people-besides those who can relate to the ghetto experience- are aware of troubleshooting in the hood? Very few I guess.
DMX’s fourth CD draws a realistic and dark picture of his hood. Not only does the artist make the listener step into a pessimistic atmosphere, he also raises some deep philosophical questions about the meaning of life.
Sometimes introduces DMX’ speech. In times of desperation and helplessness, you sit alone in the dark, facing adversity while your mind is fulfilled with anxiousness. Big clouds are hanging over you, letting you guess that the prelude to the human drama you are going through has just begun. The wind has just raised a little bit, but you can feel the upcoming storm and the pouring rain hanging over your head like a huge menace.
Sirens coming from the fed’s cars, gun shots, pounding beats, electric guitar sounds, violins, DMX’s gritty voice will suggest the running atmosphere of School Streets. So many kids in the hood have lost their lives. Everybody’s running, trying to escape from the police.
Who We Be is a rhythmic track based on electric guitar and keyboard sounds that describes the harshness of the streets with an amazing sense of reality: the constant fights with the cops, jail, the murders, the stabbings, the coffins, drug deals, the frustration and the rage. This is the hood. People who have experiencedthe harshness of the hood jungle can relate to this well handled song. DMX’ vocals are raw on purpose.
The short hammering guitar sounds represent the human drama a man in the hood goes through.
Trina Moe is a melodic song built on harp, maracas and trumpet sounds.
It is dark and the hell is hot. The swinging track exposes the constant run and the unsafe atmosphere.
Bloodline Anthem has some strong rock ‘n roll accents. Based on electric guitar sounds, female vocals, strong drum beats and violins in the background, the song is enhanced with DMX’ grimy and offensive voice. Feel the rage, the passion and the wide range of emotions that are going through DMX’ mind.
Soft guitar notes contrast with DMX’ raspy voice. The hammering drum beats and the monotony of the vocals will make the listener feel the every day struggle. No compromises: snakes get totally exposed in Damien III. Piano sounds at the end of the song enhance feelings of mistrust and anger.
When I’m Nothing is built on soft funky instrumentals and female vocals. The song featuring Stephanie Mills is rhythmic, entertaining and very melodic. Love is in the air. Enjoy the joy and happiness all around.
I Miss You is the wonderful song DMX dedicated to his grandmother. Constructed on deep female vocals, soft instrumental, the track is heartbreaking. It enlightens DMX’ everlasting love for his grandma. He recalls childhood times, remembers the good and the bad. The word that comes up into his mouth is « Thank You », because he knows that the old lady educated him the right way. The refrain from the poignant song is like the voice of the grandma, watching her grandson from Heaven and telling him that everything is gonna be all right. Believe it: our beloved ones are still watching over us.
« Number 11 » brings you back to the permanent struggle in the hood jungle. Knife alike violin sounds, fast running car sounds in the background are here to make you feel the overheated atmosphere. Follow the talented emcee in his fast walk.
I’ma Bang is built on dark bassline, dynamic electric guitar sounds and raw drum beats. DMX’s determination, his struggle, his incredible dynamism come to shine to the fullest. DMX will teach you the harshness of the fight. The track is pure dynamite.
Rapid chord sounds totally match with Mashonda and DMX’s voices. DMX fully masters rhythm, flow and lyrics. DMX keeps it real and fakes’ masks will be dropped in no time. No place for posers of any kind: right is right and wrong is wrong.
The Prayer IV is a strong prayer towards God. DMX looks at himself in the mirror, envisions his mistakes and asks God to stand for him.
Listen to the words of the man of faith who wants to dedicate his work to God.
A Minute For Your Son is an intense praise towards God. Open your ears and let DMX’ words penetrate your heart. DMX is certainly a strong role model for the believers. Don’t judge the man by his actions, rather look up at the way he trusts the Creator and learn from him.
DMX’ The Great Depression CD is a great piece of work. It offers the listeners a realistic perspective about life in the hood. It exposes the harshness, but it also shows strong signs of hope. Interdependent darkness and full light shades follow each other and teach us the paradox of existence.
The Great Depression definitely belongs to your hip hop library.
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  1. I never realized what it was like to come from the hood…such a hard life…people being killed…bad things happening to good people…that everyday struggle…as i heard people talk…i still didn’t fully understand…all i knew is what, i saw on tv…
    You maybe thinking thats crazy…but where i come from…the hood is non-existent…i can’t even begin to relate to what these people do or have to do to survive…i can’t even begin to relate…
    All i can say is…they all deserve praise and respect to survive a harsh lifestyle…

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