Don’t take everything for granted

No matter how young, how old, how rich or how poor, many of us take ordinary life matters for granted. Little did you know you think that material and spiritual things are forever given to you.
It often appears that we only realize the importance of ordinary things like salt on a dish when they are missing. In fact, the absence of something is an important alert that our mind should take into account.
It is a strong signal that shows us we didn’t even acknowledge the existence of our missing object or person that happened to be an essential element of our every day life!
Most of us are so much absorbed by our all day hectic that we sometimes forget about surrounding things and persons.
The absence of something is a strong call that comes from our profound heart. It points the finger where it hurts.
« It (he, she) isn’t here any more…but I needed it (him, her) so much! »
Life in itself teaches us great lessons if we have the courage to face our mistakes. Our failures are always a wonderful occasion to perfect ourselves, if we only accept them as life lesson.
Don’t take anything for granted. Everything you have today can disappear tomorrow. That’s why we should show attention to the persons surrounding us and work on our friendships.
Nothing’s granted for ever. Not even our breathing, because death is part of our great life journey. However death shouldn’t be considered as an end, rather as the beginning of a new life full of light in a better world.
Be grateful for each breath you take. Don’t act as a spoilt child. Value friendship and love. Be happy for what you have, be proud of your accomplishments and cherish life to the fullest, because nothing’s granted in this world.
Copyright2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved

2 thoughts on “Don’t take everything for granted”

  1. We often take life for granted…we all forget about the good things we already have…family, friends and health…
    We focus on belongings…what we have/own in this world…we forget it can be taken away in the blink of an eye…be thankful for what you have…and what you love the most “family”!
    My family is the “most important” thing in my life…i would die for them…i can live without the clothes, cars, houses and money…that is nothing, without my loved ones…my family is my life!

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