BG Knocc Out & Celly Cel/ Dats How It’s Goin Down song review

Rating: 4.5 stars
If you haven’t listened to BG Knocc out’s Dat’s How It’s Going Down, I’d strongly advice you to check this beautiful instrumental jewel.
Based on G-funk basslines, spiced up with the typical Compton flavor, enlightened with BG Knocc Out and Celly Cell’s vocal talents, the well written hood anthem introduces the listener into a soft old school atmosphere. Synthetizers are intelligently married with dope ass drum beats while BG Knock Out shows some good old school skills.
Both true OG’s, BG Knocc Out and his fellow Celly Cell allow the listener to enter into a festive atmosphere that is suggested by the intense melody while both emcees rep the city of Compton with pride.
Even though the Cpt is described as a tough area, you will feel both emcees’ invitation to rejoice. Sit back relax and enjoy the syllables totally matching with the swinging beats.
BG Knocc Out and Celly Cel’s song is available on the Ruthless Rhythms And Beats mixtape.
Don’t sleep on melodic demonstration of old school know how, because it will certainly amaze you!
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