An introduction to Detroit’s cow boys: Woof Pac

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Iron Fist’s Detroit trio, Woof Pac are taking over with an original style that might remind some of you of a Far West atmosphere. Composed of J-Kidn Moe Dirdee and Hostyle, Woof Pac show some teeth in their various tracks, leaving enemies wounded and bleeding on their way. Merciless and inventive, the trio will probably conquer gangsta rap lovers’ hearts from the very beginning.
Him Or Me:
Hammering piano mixed up with drum beats introduce you into the merciless Detroit hood atmosphere. Moe Dirdee is ready to tear the place up. Enemies better say their prayers, because there will only be one winner. Feel the lyrical fire, the overheated speech atmosphere and the passion that animates the Detroit group.
Down That Road
Soft guitar sounds, sweet vocals are combined with rhythmic beats. The ironic lyrics are filled with a great dose of offensiveness. Better handle things straight when you choose to go down that road.
Don’t Know
Swinging beats, whistling sounds and a flow that goes faster than the wind. The group shows some obvious skills in Don’t Kno. The song is humorous and will allow the listener to acknowledge Woof Pac’s talent.
Blow Dem Away
The instrumentals draw a dark and challenging atmosphere. Electric guitar sounds mixed up with drum beats. Woof Pac is determined to take over and to blow them enemies away.
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