“Where the edelweiss flower grows”

Maybe sometimes we should take the time needed to listen to them and to take a lesson from older people.
As a little kid, my grandfather showed me photos of the flower known as edelweiss. The white flower that is typical to the landscape of the Alps is characterized by its resistance to a very rude climate. Not only does the white duvet that covers the petals make this flower look particularly beautiful, it also protects the flower from winds, rain, cold weather and even storms.
The edelweiss usually grows a little bit hidden at a very high altitude, across the rocks. The specie is also rare and very much researched among nature lovers.
There is certainly a parallel between the characteristics of the edelweiss and life situations we might be exposed to.
None of us likes going through hard times. However, there is an actual meaning to the tough and dark circumstances people go through.
Sometimes you have to walk through the desert, climb the highest mountains, be exposed to the worst storms to beautifully grow like the edelweiss flower.
Edelweiss flowers are mountain grown, genuine, beautiful and a symbol of the everlasting. So are the people who came victorious after the many life battles and rough times. Only those who have suffered can open their hearts to others and show true compassion.
Hard walks build up character and personality. Be grateful for the rough times too, because their presence has a meaning. Now you figured out why edelweiss flowers don’t grow on sunny islands.
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