Shoot 1st/Supa Emcee featuring Hash song review

Rating: 4 stars
Violins and drums introduce the very unsafe atmosphere of the track.
Welcome to a morbid background where two emcees are acting obnoxious. Like the worst nightmare in the middle of the night, Supa Emcee assails first, shooting his lyrical bullets in an American psycho mode, scaring the crowd. The song is murderous and will leave any opponent bleeding.
Dangerous, scary as hell, Mr Hash of I-Mac jumps into the scene, ready to tear the place off. Well weaponed super villains acting like maniacs will spit their venom.
The well written lyrics are enhanced by the instrumental background. Welcome to a no man’s land called the hood. Welcome to the world of drug addiction and heavy guns. Don’t get too close or you might meet the reaper earlier than expected.
Lyrically and instrumentally, the Supa Emcee/ Hash collaboration is definitely worth your attention.
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