Take You Home/ Ron Patterson/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
If you’re not that keen on R’n’B (which is basically my case), Ron Patterson will make you like this musical genre through his immense talent.
Take You Home introduces you into a dramatic dimension. Ron Patterson’s story is something that could happen to any of us.
Soft melodic guitar notes combined with some good rhythmic beats will make the listener feel the emotional context of the story.
Sometimes a boy catches a girl’s eye. However, the reciprocity of the intense feelings on the boy’s side is not always granted. Ron Patterson talks about a person called Dee Dee he’d certainly considers as a wonderful friend, but he’s not attracted to her, despite the big crush the girl has on him.
During a party Ron’s eye was caught by Dee Dee’s friend. He lives an inside drama that is intensified by the artist vocal performances.
« How am I going to tell her the whole truth without being rude? How will I manage not to hurt her feelings? « 
Double dating might be a solution but as for now he won’t take her home.
The melodic guitar sounds will make the listener enjoy the story and the soft love ballad.
I really enjoyed the way Ron Patterson managed to share feelings and emotions from his profound heart. Vocals and instrumentals drop down and will refresh the listener like a soft Summer rain.
Discover Ron Patterson here if you haven’t done it yet.
The R’n’B/ soul artist is definitely worth a look!
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