Ca$his/ The Bogish Boy Volume I mixtape review

Artist Name: Ca$his
Location: Chicago/ California
Genre: Rap/ Hip Hop
Average rating: 3.75 stars
Distorted vocals and keyboard sounds, rhythmic beats introduce See Them Running is a diss track aimed at the numerous groupies that are running after the artist whose intentions are to show no love to the « gold diggaz ».
Cant Stop Me is a dynamic track in which Ca$his’ investment and love for the music comes to shine. You can’t stop the unstoppable.
Violins and drums will intensify the intensity of the song.
Everyday I’m Grinding is built on synthesizers and organ sounds. It will teach you about the constant hustle. The only way to achieve your goals in the music industry is always to stay on the grind and never to let your dreams go. Ca$his keeps the same fighting spirit with him.
Should I Do It will draw a dark gutter atmosphere that is underlined by sharp instrumentals. Keyboards, violins, piano sounds hammer while Ca$his describes his ride through the hood.
No Problem For Us combines claps and accordion sounds. Welcome to the world of a battle rapper who is ready to rip his rivals off.
The Bogish Boy is a swinging track in which Ca$his shows some real good skills, a great dose of offensiveness and a nice flow delivery. The musical background creates an euphoric atmosphere. Ca$his is ready to take it.
Real OG is a somber hood track which is constructed on a very dark musical background. Ca$his comes up aggressively towards his enemy. Globally the song brightens Ca$his’ flow. I give him lots of credit for the choice of the instrumentals that increase the feeling of anxiety and insecurity. Enjoy the confession from man who « graduated from the streets ».
Supreme Race Shady is built on incisive violin sounds that cut like a knife. It is time to get political and surgical. Are you ready for war? The song sends bullets towards the White House. The killa tracks enlightens Ca$his’ talent to the fullest.
Globally speaking, the Bogish Boy Volume I is an interesting piece of work that is well lead instrumentally and lyrically. I’d like to point out several weaknesses, though:
-on some tracks, Ca$his’ voice sounds too much similar to 5O Cent’s
-the introduction tracks are boring, as far as I am concerned
– the diss track aimed at the groupies sounds a little bit overdone, when you perfectly know that most artists are keen on letting enter groupies more than industry insiders when it comes to backstage after parties…I don’t think that it is really fair from Ca$his’ side to play the victim in See Them Running.
Besides the weaknesses mentioned above, the mixtape is definitely worth a look. Download it from Ca$his’ my space account.
Copyright2006 by Isabelle Esling
All Rights Reserved