Scarchild’s tribute to Proof: Time Passes By (song review)

4 stars
Each time I realize Proof is gone for ever, an immense pain is overwhelming me and I feel like if a knife cut my heart off. I’m still bleeding and there’s no remedy to it.
Six months ago, some mean people decided to put a definitive end to a brilliant and young emcee’s life. For all those who knew Deshaun Holton personally or simply for those who used to appreciate his music to the fullest, the pain and the feeling of emptiness is still present. Proof was the voice of the D town. He was unique in the world of rap with his genuine style and the raspy voice that characterized him. He mastered freestyle sessions like nobody else.
Scarchild’s moving song is there to revive Proof’s memory and to remind us of the wonderful artist and person he actually was.
Built on synthesized vocals, rapid piano notes, rhythmic drum beats combined with soft violins. The whole instrumental structure of the song will make you feel the run, the anxiousness, the regrets.
Like Scarchild states it, who could imagine waking up and hearing about the tragic news on April the 11th? It is like a nightmare that left the D with an open wound. Listen to Scarchild when he goes down on his knees, begging God to keep the D strong.
Detroit is the theater of a crime scene that has lost many valuable soldiers. Detroit City is hurting, Detroit City is bleeding, but will it ever learn from its mistakes. Six months after Deshaun Holton’s death, the hatred, the bitching and the bitterness are pretty much alive on the Detroit scene and it looks like Cutthroat City will never learn from its mistakes.
The NYC emcee’s song sounds like an insisting prayer, a call for humbleness and awekening of consciousness.
May God have mercy on the kids who are growing in the hood, because they are predestined to a hard life.
« Stay humble, because our only certainty in life is death » summarizes the philosophy of the wise and anybody should definitely apply to it.
Scarchild flows with ease and shows some good lyrical skills on a very touching song dedicated to a man who always kept it real.
Listen to Scarchild’s song here.
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