Nutty Blocc Compton: some good hip hop combined with a true OG spirit

Compton has made history in the world of gangsta rap. Not only has the NWA group brought in the world of hip hop and changed the way black men in the hood would be looked at, it has also influenced a lot of talented artists (among them Dresta and his brother BG Knocc Out, Lil Eazy E etc…).
Today I’d like to introduce you to a skilled emcee who carries the same Compton spirit with pride: Nutty Blocc Compton.
Although the talented emcee has only two tracks available on his my space account, the songs will give you a precise idea about the artist’s capabilities.
Nation Wide Criping starts on soft instrumentals combined with crazy scratches and rhythmic beats. Nutty Blocc Compton shoots his lyrical bullets with a great dose of offensiveness. Feel the creepy atmosphere of the streets of LA. Nice vocals mixed up with scratches will allow the listener to enjoy the ambience of brothers chilling out together, before it turns a little bit harder. Nutty Block’s lyrical skills and flow are highly enjoyable and the song is handled from the hand of a master from the beginning to the end.
Nbccq is built on a beautiful G Funk sound combined with catchy beats. BG Knocc Out and Nutty Blocc Compton unite their talent for a rhythmic duo that is made of a chill out atmosphere. Let them brothas roll their joints and spend some good time together.
Explore Nutty Blocc Compton here.
The artist is definitely worth your listen. Put him on your headphones and enjoy his reps!
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  1. hey ya guy it’s that whazz i am thinking of? dunno if ther are other posts, but this myspace ID is not really gr8.. in fact its invalid dunno why but does this guy still rap?

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