7 thoughts on “More info about Eminem sneakers and the Marshall Mathers foundation…”

  1. hey Isa,

    I have a question, hopefully you can help me with the answer.

    I am searching for the marshall mathers foundation
    I searched pretty much,
    but I cannot find any homepage or other news, except for that current eminem deal with nike and the adress in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

    Do ya have any further information.

    I would be grateful.



    how is going in LOndon

  2. Leriane, i wish i could help you out more efficiently, but i was unable to find any other info recently…i’m sorry:(

    Life in London is hard and you always have to struggle with the administration…
    diese administrative Langsamkeit kombiniert mit einer sehr schlechten Organisation wäre in Deutschland (und sogar in Frankreich) unvorstellbar. Das hatte ich wirklich nicht erwartet!

  3. Hexy Isa,

    I only found the adsress in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.
    and the information from the ebay site:
    I even wrote to the email-above

    The Marshall Mathers Foundation is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to provide funds for organizations working with troubled and at-risk youth in southeast Michigan and throughout the U.S. The Marshall Mathers Foundation has given financial support to Gleaners Community Food Bank, the Coats for Kids campaign with the Salvation Army and WJLB Radio in Detroit, Common Ground Sanctuary, a crisis intervention agency, the American Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund and the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, as well as many others. For further information email:


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