Joell Ortiz: keeping it real and lyrical

Global rating of the artist: 4.5 stars
No wonder notorious Dr Dre signed Joell Ortiz to Aftermath Records: the talented artist is a pure fire spitter who manages to communicate his enthusiasm to his listeners. The Brooklyn native has a real passion for his art.
Big Pun Tribute introduces you into the hostile universe of the NYC hood. Feel the hustle, the constant struggle of street life while Joell Ortiz flows with ease on rhythmic and rich instrumentals. I recommend the song to all of you hip hop heads.
Trumpets, rhythmic piano sounds, keyboards, drums will introduce you into a very intense atmosphere. Countdown will totally underline Joell Ortiz’ extraordinary flow delivery and his lyrical skills.
Joell Ortiz’ verbal creativity comes to shine in Countdown. Don’t sleep on that track!
Hip Hop is built on nostalgic piano notes combined with rhythmic drum beats and keyboards sounds. Feel the passion of an emcee who lives out hip hop every day making the statement « rap music is something you do, hip hop is something you live » a reality.
Hip hop is definitely a way of life, a path that Joell Ortizz has chosen to follow with passion; It is precisely this intense passion for the music and the culture that makes the beauty of Joell Ortiz’ songs, because it will talk to your heart through each word and each single sound.
Humble is constructed on hammering synthetizer sounds, scratches and soft violins. Again Joel Ortiz flows faster than the wind and his positive spirit will take you into his world in no time.
Don’t miss this incredible artist! Check his my space account and his official website.
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