Jokes On You, another hit at the prankstas in the Detroit scene, by Selfcentered (song review)

Rating: 4.5 stars
It looks like Pace’s Die Bitch song brought a lot of heated speech and controversy on the Detroit local scene. It is funny how one single song can make people show their true colors and it is amusing to watch them try to hit the song reviewer more than the artist.
However one could barely fight against the light of the truth, nor are people ready to combat the sword of honesty. It is an emcee’s duty to expose and to rip the fakes, should the whole world be against him.
The truth will march on anyway. Pace’s bigmouthed rival has found a new skilled enemy in Selfcentered‘s person. Not only does Jokes On You expose the fakeness and the two faced attitude of an hypocritical emcee, it is also a must hear.
Selfcentered shoots his lyrics and lets the bullets flow right into his enemy’s chest, like a soldier on the front. Keyboard sounds are combined with powerful trumpets that will announce victory.
Selfcentered flows with ease, in a raspy tune. The atmosphere becomes gradually more offensive and overheated. The young emcee takes shit from noone and exposes the fact in a very straight manners: the many lies, the actions of the man pretending to be somebody he is not, the N bombs and the numerous manipulations I won’t mention in order to protect a friend.
The truth is, some weak emcees are running their mouth widely, but don‘t have the balls to put their words into actions. Their chances to make it in the music industry tend to zero.
Selfcentered give a fatal shooting at the clown. Jokes On You is incisive, surgical and leaves no place for fakeness and two faced games.
Get on your knees, admit your demise and learn the real meaning of raw, because you found your master.
Jokes On You is beautifully handled, lyrically and instrumentally. Selfcentered has a confident flow delivery that spices up the overheated track.
Download Jokes On You from here.
Detroit has some valuable soldiers that will bury the fakes and the weak ones. If you love hip hop, give this song a listen.
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